GRAND MONTARA has accumulated more than 7,300 votes

GRAND MONTARA has accumulated more than 7,300 votes

Wheelock Real Estate Tseung Kwan O, Sunrise City, Phase 7B, GRAND MONTARA, Saturday (29th), the first round of sales of 504, the number of votes on the eve of the check-up was rebounded. Yesterday, more than 800 votes were recorded, and the total number of votes rose to over 7,300. , over-purchased 13.5 times.

According to market sources, GRAND MONTARA received more than 7,300 votes as of 8:00 last night, that is, 800 tickets were added in a single day, which was more than 500 votes the day before yesterday. All the 504 buddies were sold on Saturday, and the purchase price was 13.5 times. ticket. Huang Guangyao, managing director of Wheelock Properties, said that the project received a good collection of votes. More than half of the ticket holders were between the ages of 35 and 40. They were confident that they would be fully sold on Saturday.

The development partner, Lijiage Real Estate, provided mortgage concessions for the project. Huang Yixin, managing director of Lijiage Mortgage Agency, said that the GRAND MONTARA buyers were offered a “Deductible” plan with a full-term interest rate as low as HIBOR plus 1.23.  , buyers can enjoy a maximum loan amount of 2.18% cash rebate, mortgage up to 80%. GRAND MONTARA has a total of 504 gangs, with a usable area of ​​346 to 789 square meters. The average price of the discount is about 14,928 yuan. The project is expected to be occupied in mid-December 2021.

Seventy-one holiday, 6 sets, 69 sets of sales

A number of new reincarnations were returned to the holiday and the unit was launched. Wing Tai Real Estate (00369) launched the Caramel section of the Qinglan Highway project in the same district, except for the OMA OMA on Sunday (30th). 40 people from the July 1 holiday since the tender; Kerry (00683) in the same district, Tuen Mun Man Ming Shan also sold 7 groups from the same day, together with other new orders including Li Xin Development (00488) led by the development of Tseung Kwan O Lan Tong Ao, etc. In a holiday, there are 6 real estates with a total of 69 people and they are sold by tender.