Acting a total of 39,589 people, a 14-month low

Recently, there have been no signs of calming in the demonstrations in various districts

The conflict scene has become more intense, directly affecting the performance of the property market. The number of agents has also fallen for two months. As of the end of September, there were 39,589 licensed real estate agents, compared with 39,774 in August. , still reduced by 185 people per month, a record 14-month low.

According to the latest information from the Bureau of Land Supervision, as of the end of September, there were 39,589 licensed agents, a decrease of 185 or 0.47% from the 39,774 in August, and a two-month losing streak, with a cumulative decrease of 286 or 0.7%. According to the data of the agency, the overall property record of the previous month was about 4,091 calculations, that is, an average of 9.6 agents competed for a single order, and the level of competition remained fierce.

An average of 10 agents compete for a single

In addition, there were 21,274 salesperson licences (namely S), which was 160 fewer than the 21,434 in August. The real estate agent (personal) licence (ie E) was the first to record a decline. The latest report was 18,315. The number of business details on behalf of the number of real estate shops continued to fall, involving 7,101, a decrease of 13 from the previous month. However, the company’s licenses did not fall and rose, and increased by 2 on a monthly basis to 3,851 in September.

Huang Zewen, a senior business director of Zhongyuan, said that the recent property market has been affected by political events, and there have been demonstrations in many new districts

Many people have suspended the activities of the towers to develop the market in the future. The market has a strong wait-and-see atmosphere.

In fact, in the past three months, the market volume has continued to decrease. Last month, only about 4,000 transactions were recorded. It can be seen that the competition in the industry is very fierce. It is not excluded that some agents have changed their business because they failed to open the order, or the license has not been renewed after the expiration of the license. Turn around.

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