Maanshan new disk admission fee of more than 15.64 million as soon as the next week to sell Junyuan first batch of 50 gangs priced at 60% lower by 20%

The political and economic situation in Hong Kong has suffered from enemies inside and outside the country

CITIC Pacific re-invested in Maanshan Junyuan, the second gun in Hong Kong’s property market. The average price of the first batch of 50 companies was nearly 16,000 yuan, which was 6% lower than the new market in the same district. The individual was nearly 20% lower. Competitiveness, plus more room for fare increase, initially sold as soon as next week. According to the comprehensive agency analysis, Junyuan’s offer price is more shocking than imagined. It is expected that the first batch of entry thresholds will be more than 15.64 million yuan, and it is believed that the user will be able to clear the platform.

Guan Jieying, director of CITIC Pacific’s property agency, said that the first batch of 50 franchise prices was the most flat at 14298 yuan, and the unit was 2 rooms, 1st floor, Room B, with a saleable area of ​​1137 square meters, which was described as a “floating price of the building". The opening price is competitive, and there is room for increase in price. Today, it starts to take off and has the opportunity to start selling next week. Some units will be tendered for sale later depending on market conditions and market reaction.

The first batch of sale on the day of the sale can be clear

Junyuan price list shows that the first batch of 50 utilitarian areas of 922 to 1428 square meters, the price of 16.82 million yuan to 22.72 million yuan, the price of 15374 yuan to 19,284 yuan, the average price of 17203 yuan, after deducting 7% discount, the discount price of 1564.2 10,000 yuan to 21,129,600 yuan, the discount price is 14,298 yuan to 17,934 yuan, and the average price is 15999 yuan.

The average price of the units approved by Junyuan is lower than the two new ones in the same district last year. Among them, Xindi (00016) Yunhai’s first batch of 71 real estates in January last year was an average price of 16,988 yuan, while Country Garden (02007) was in the middle of the world. In November last year, the first batch of 110 people had an average price of 16,497 yuan, which was about 6 yuan lower. % and 3%.

Compared with the second-hand in the same area, the most comparative sea-facing series (close to the same sea view) is currently using an average price of about 16500 yuan, Yinhu. Tianfeng has more than 155,000 yuan, and the second-class Huilang has more than 17,600 yuan, with an average discount.

Chen Yongjie, vice chairman and head of the residential division of Centaline Property Asia, said that the property market in August and September was affected by the Sino-US trade war and social events in Hong Kong. There is a surprise for the first price of Junyuan. The average practical price is 15999 yuan. Compared with the second-hand new housing estates in the same area, such as Yinghai, the average price is about 17,000 yuan. There is about 6% discount. If you compare the other hand in the same area. The price of the new disk reached about 20,000 yuan, the discount was more than 20%, the price was attractive, and the discount was more shocking than expected.

The project supply is dominated by large-scale units. There is a certain amount of passengers to be exchanged in the district. There is still a huge demand for the property. It is expected that the first batch of units will be clean and free of problems on the day of sale.

2,500 new orders were sold this month

Bu Shaoming, chief executive of the Midland Real Estate Department, said that the price of the new flats in the same district had already cost 20,000 yuan.

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