Admission to the new disk within 2 million

Admission to the new disk within 2 million.

At one time, the market attracted a lot of attention, and the price reduction was 30%. It shocked the market. The open-ended unit was nearly 1.74 million yuan. It is a rare new sale of less than 2 million yuan in recent years. Will it cause a price hike? It is still too early to say.

Due to the recent small and medium-sized new disk sales, the market situation is not too bad. The company’s GRAND MONTARA in Tseung Kwan O, Tseung Kwan O, will sell 504 gangs in the first round on Saturday. OMA sold 229 gangs on the first day, and also about 140 gangs, accounting for about 60%.

As for the recent sale of the new land in the same district (00016), the Royal Mid-Levels II was announced in the middle of last month. The unit area was generally larger than that of the Jingyu. The first set of discounted prices ranged from 4.392 million to 8.12 million yuan, and the discounted price was 13.7 million. 17,000 yuan, more than 150 people have been sold, and the sales are ideal.

Good first-hand sales, price reduction is an individual example

Therefore, Jiayuan (02768) is worthy of the price. One of the reasons is that last year’s pricing far exceeded the market’s flatness. At the end of last year, 27 people were sold, and only two of them have been sold so far. The entire project has 356 units, and there are still 354 surplus items, and it is already the current building. The price of this price is believed to speed up the arrival of goods and avoid the levy of vacancy tax by the government in the future.

According to the data from the Housing Authority, there are 93,000 potential suppliers in the next three to four years, of which the practical area is less than 753 small and medium-sized units, about 73,000, accounting for nearly 80% of the total. A lot of supply, pricing is under pressure.

Looking at the current one-handedness is not too bad. I believe that this price is a separate case and it may not trigger a price hike. As for the impact on the second-hand market, I believe that the purchasing power of the fine-priced buildings in the same district will be robbed, and the same type of silver-coded second-hand trading should be glued.