Arrange for merchants to reduce rent and rent free

In recent months, the violent conflict in Hong Kong has hit the retail, tourism and hotel businesses

The chairman of Sino Land, Huang Zhixiang, said after attending the annual general meeting yesterday that the business of its hotels and shopping malls has been affected. The tenants have been contacted to adopt different levels of rent reduction or rent-free arrangements. Huang Yongguang, vice chairman of Xinzhao, said that he is concerned about hotel cost control management, but temporarily does not intend to lay off employees and force employees to take unpaid leave, and will increase the business by attracting local customers through promotion.

Regarding the policy address, a number of housing policies have been proposed

Huang Yongguang believes that the relaxation of the property-based properties has been completed. Recently, second-hand buildings have been actively traded.

They believe that the policy can help the public to enter the market and make the property market healthy

The Government intends to exercise the Lands Resumption Ordinance to increase the supply of housing. It was asked whether the letter will speed up the promotion. Huang Zhixiang said that the real estate developers could not take the initiative to speed up the push. They should only be released after obtaining the pre-sale consent.

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