New disc offers to attract buyers to the market

Although the Macau residential market has been affected by the Sino-US trade war and the Hong Kong social movement, the developers are also in the past ten

A discount is offered during the Golden Week to attract buyers to the market.

Reimbursement stamp duty

Yuan Jiayu, director of Real Estate of Lijiage (Macau), said that the development of Zhuhai and Hengqin was as early as ten

Before the Golden Week, discounts have been launched, and developers in Macau have not let more, attracting customers with different new initiatives. For example, the new disk in Minsheng District, Meitai Garden, its 3,200 square meters building area, with north-south convection window, double terrace, mountain view, suitable for family customers, recently launched the first 20 units to return the property price? 10% discount.

Secondly, the Oriental Coast in Linmaotang District has launched a sea view unit with an area of ​​399 to 1,397 square feet

The apartment covers open, 2, and 3 bedroom homes. The developer provides a thoughtful payment plan for the replacement of the building, and a rebate of 5% stamp duty. The unit has become the first choice for the passengers.

As for the popular properties, such as the sea home recently added the first block of all units, the building area of ​​440 to 490 square feet; and Wangxia and the reservoir area of ​​the reputation of the door, its up to 112 units for buyers to choose, and recently launched to buy The building sent a BMW car worth 680,000 yuan to make a fortune.

The bank pointed out that if the social movement in Hong Kong continues, and if there is no new first-hand real estate, it is estimated that the market will develop rampantly.

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