Bank of America Center rents 58 yuan to create a new low of nearly three years

The wait-and-see atmosphere of the market is lingering, and the rent of Jiasha is also under pressure

According to the news, the high-level units of the Bank of America Central Bank are rented out at a price of about 58 yuan per party. The low market price is about 30%, a record low of nearly three years.

According to market news, the Bank of America Center’s high-rise rooms from 07 to 08, with an area of ​​3,857 square meters, were rented out at a monthly rate of 223,000, with an average rent of about 58 yuan. Luo Zhongying, director of Midland Commercial Sales, said that the above-mentioned rent was about 30% lower than the market price and hit a three-year low.

Area 3857 square

Roche continued, the same type of renting unit in the Jiaxia is the high-rise room 01 to 02, with an area of ​​3,800 square feet, with a rent of 266,000 yuan, and a lease of about 70 yuan. In addition, he also pointed out that the Jiasha market is about to enter the traditional rental season. As a result, the rent concessions of some owners have gradually widened in the near future, ranging from two to 30%.

In addition, according to the information of the Midland Industrial and Commercial Store, the above-mentioned Jiaxia recently recorded rented cases. Among them, the high-rise room 07, with an area of ​​1023 square meters, was rented out at the end of last month at a price of about 76,725 yuan per month, and the rent was about 75 yuan. In addition, the lower level Room 11 to 17 has an area of ​​about 5,386 square meters and is rented out for about 485,000 yuan per month. The rent is about 90 yuan.

Nanhui intends to price 11,000

On the other hand, Zhou Haoran, senior divisional business director of the Central Plains (Industrial and Commercial) office building department, said that there are two groups of rooms 01 to 03, 05 and 26 to 27, 6th floor, Block A, Nanhui Plaza, No. 11 Yexing Street, Wong Chuk Hang. The units are 4 and 2 connected units, with a total area of ​​approximately 6869 square meters, which are sold at a price of approximately 11,000 per party, involving a total amount of approximately 75.56 million. Zhou said that the unit is equipped with a new net decoration, built-in water, easy to buy and use, at the same time, the unit can look out at the mountain. In addition, the project is also in the process of renting, with an intention to rent about 19 yuan and a monthly rent of about 130,000.

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