A basket of property in Ap Lei Chau is sold for 500 million

Although the recent property market is light, the acquisition of old buildings has not slowed down

Affected by more than 80% of the number of shares in the Ap Lei Chau Area, 17-19 Ap Lei Chau Street, Sheung Wan Estate, Sheung Wan Estate For sale, the intention price is 500 million yuan.

DTZ said that the above-mentioned auction sites are currently two five-storey buildings, providing 30 residential properties and five ground stores

If the combined development is expected to be about 3,300 square feet, it is now classified as “Residential (Group A)". If the maximum plot ratio is 9 times, it is expected to redevelop about 30,000 square feet of commercial floor with an intention price of $500 million. Yuan, the closing date is November 8

According to the Land Registry, the singer Kelly Chen’s father, Chen Chongwei, purchased the high-rise room D of Fuhe Industrial Building, Wai Yip Street, Kwun Tong, through WISE DEVELOPLIMITED last month for $13 million. The original owner purchased it for 15 million yuan in August 2015, holding the goods for 4 years, and the book was eroded by 2 balls or 13%.

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