8 people big order position and cargo price increase 1-4% resale

The Chinese property stocks Jiayuan International (2768) and the Wang Deng Dengbo family held the Tuen Mun “Dragon Bed"

which resold 12 units yesterday, including eight open-ended units in late October. The news said that the sale was only cleared within 3 hours. In view of the policy address published in 10, the relaxation of the ceiling for the first home insurance property price has caused the market to be unanimously bearish on the “nano-disc" and believes that there is a lack of potential for investment appreciation. The successful resale of 12 units has once again stunned the market.

The Jingzhu, which had received 116 votes, picked up the building at 9:30 am yesterday, and approved the buyer to arrive. The 12-member unit, including 8 people, had a large order position and 4 groups of surplus goods. The developer has already Some units increased their price by 1% to 3.9%, and eventually they all cleared up. According to the transaction record book, the transaction price was 2.74 million yuan to 4.134 million yuan.

AVA 228 push 3 gang up 2%

After being chased by Jingjing, other nanodisks immediately increased the price. AVA 228, a senior investor in the Luhua family’s Changsha Bay, yesterday raised 3 of them to 2% and will take effect next Monday. The 3 units have an area of ​​236 to 249 square meters. After the price increase, the price is 6.287 million yuan to 6.789 million yuan, after deducting the highest 12% discount, the discounted price is 5.533 million to 5.972 million yuan.

At the same time, Henderson Land (0012) under the Tianwan Nanjin. The shore will also be implemented on the sale of 6 gangs next Monday, covering an area of ​​183 to 265 square feet, with a price of 5.348 million yuan to 7.045 million yuan, after deducting the maximum discount of 5%, the actual price is 5,080,600 yuan to 6,693,300 yuan, and the discount price is 21,750 yuan. To 28,261 yuan.

Yulin reduced the price by 14% and pushed 30 people

The first round of 30 stalls was held at the end of July at the end of July at the end of July. The developer revised the price list last week and introduced a 21% discount. , disguised price reduction of 14.8%. The market announced sales arrangements yesterday, and the implementation of all 30 groups will be launched next Monday. There is no cap on the number of subscription units and will be closed on Sunday.

According to the information, the first batch of 30 units in Yulin consisted of 6 groups of one room and 24 groups of two rooms. The practical area was from 260 square feet to 419 square meters. At that time, the discounted price was 7.41 million yuan to 16.69 million yuan. 31,271 yuan. If the disguised price reduction is 14.8%, the average price will drop to 31,755 yuan.

12% reduction from the Fu Centre

The first-hand new disk is active, robbing the second-hand market source, forcing the owners to continue to bargain. Centaline Property said that there is a low-rise C room in North Point and Fu Centre, with a usable area of ​​875 square feet and 3 rooms. The original owner was released in June with a asking price of RMB 16.5 million. The riots in the past month were reduced to RMB 14.3 million. The final contract was changed by RMB 14.5 million. The accumulated price reduction was RMB 2 million or 12.12% and the price was RMB 16,571. The original owner bought in April 2002 for 3.43 million yuan, and the profit for holding goods for 17 years was 11.07 million yuan.

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