Blue Pool proud SSD expires 2 rooms 7.15 million yuan

Tseung Kwan O Lan Tong is proud to be separated from the three-year extra stamp duty period this month

The first time the building was opened, the two transactions were recently recorded.

Tseung Kwan O District, said that the first batch of units purchased by Tseung Kwan O Lan Tong Ao has been separated from the three-year SSD period

There are about 15 selling orders in the market. The admission threshold starts from $7 million. Recently, the first two transactions were recorded this month.

The project has 6 low-rise B rooms, with a practical area of 405 square feet, 2 rooms, and a southeast garden view

The original owner bought it for 5.427 million yuan in October of 16 years. After the expiration of the 3 year SSD period, it was sold at 7.15 million yuan. The price is 17,654 yuan, and the unit has appreciated by 32% in three years. The other six low-rise B rooms, the same area, were sold at 7.16 million yuan, and the practical price was 17,679 yuan. The original owner purchased it for 5.344 million yuan three years ago and now has a profit of 1.816 million yuan. It is reported that the above two units are all held by the same owner.

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