Building Renewal Funding Next Year’s Food

The first round of the “Building Renewal Campaign 2.0″ implemented by the Hong Kong Government and the Urban Renewal Authority has been enthusiastic

The Administration plans to “add food" next year and launch a second round of applications in the third quarter to help more owners in need. Some Members of the Legislative Council have criticized that the funding for the scheme is not sufficient to meet the actual demand. It is suggested that the Administration should apply for the subsidy in the next round. “The old building will be fully rectified and the subsidy will be fully smashed!"

The Government plans to launch the second round of applications for Building Renewal Campaign 2.0 in the third quarter of next year

The Secretary for Development, Mr Wong Wai-lun, has published a number of building rehabilitation projects in the past to provide financial and technical support to the owners in need of the maintenance works, such as the Building Renewal Campaign 2.0 and the Elderly Maintenance Occupancy Property Allowance. Plan" and so on. The Administration is studying the injection of new resources to strengthen the funding of individual subsidy schemes to benefit more owners of old buildings. The “Elderly Maintenance Occupational Property Allowance Scheme" was launched in 2008 to provide up to $40,000 for eligible elderly owners to provide building maintenance works. The scheme has already benefited about 26,000 elderly owners.

Plan to receive 600 applications in the first round

In respect of the “Building Renewal Campaign 2.0″, the Government has proposed a $3 billion grant from the Government in the 2017 Policy Address, which is for residential estates of 50 years or above and a low rateable value. The owner of the building provides technical and financial support to assist them in complying with the inspection and repair works prescribed in the Mandatory Building Inspection Notice. The first round of applications for the plan ended in October last year and received about 600 applications. The authorities revealed that the inspection and repair works for the first round of applications have been gradually carried out. The experience and public opinions of the first round of applications are being reviewed. The details of the second round of applications and other areas for improvement will be considered next year.

The Administration has also stated that it will allow more owners who are in need to benefit and further protect public safety in the absence of unimportant engineering loads on the building maintenance market, resulting in soaring prices and even affecting the quality of the works.

Advance training for more maintenance practitioners

Legislative Council Member Ke Chuangsheng pointed out that it was noted that the first round of “Building Renewal Campaign 2.0″ was very popular. However, many applicants also reported that the approved subsidy was too small, such as the prescribed inspection and repair works for the common parts of the building. The maximum subsidy for each unit of the resident is 40,000 yuan, and the maximum subsidy for each unit of the owner of the 60-year-old or older is only 50,000 yuan. Ke pointed out that the amount of funding is often very tense, arguing that “the government should be human beings since it has the heart to help people."

He is also worried that when the second round of applications will be launched next year, there may not be sufficient maintenance service providers in the market. It is suggested that the Government should consider the supporting problems first. For example, through the Vocational Training Council or assisting contractors to train practitioners, “otherwise, it will be discovered first." If people provide services, they will make the plan a leader and a tail!"

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