Zhaoan Li throws over 800 million to buy a luxury home

Zhaoan Li throws over 800 million to buy a luxury home

The Land Registry indicated that Ningyuan, No. 41, 43 and 45, Baijian Road, Jardine’s Day, was fully acquired by 825 million yuan, involving 12 units and parking spaces. The buyer is Baolin Co., Ltd. The directors of the company include senior investors Zhao’an Real Estate Li Wei Shaohong and Li Yingliu.

The price of 12 units ranges from 61.78 million to 75 million yuan. The highest price is the 1st floor unit of No.43, the practical 1,401 square meters, and the price of 53,533 yuan. The lowest price is underground units 43 and 45, and the underground is practical for 1,100 square meters, with a price of 56,167 yuan. The original industry hosted goods for 8 years, and in May 2011, it was purchased for 28.6 million yuan, with an appreciation of 2.16 times.

Kai Tak Commercial Building joins the hotel to pass the customs

In addition, Nanfeng Group won a commercial land king in Kai Tak in 2017 with more than 24.6 billion yuan. It applied to join two hotels in two commercial buildings and provided improvement plans for 73 hotel rooms. According to the Planning Department’s paper, the department does not object to its application and is expected to be passed today.

According to the Town Planning Board document, the site has a site area of ​​about 205,000 square meters. It was originally planned to develop 1.172 million square feet of floor space into an office. About 700,000 square feet of floor space will be developed into shops, retail and restaurants. About 60,000 square meters of office floors have been converted into hotel elements, providing about 73 rooms, with an average area of ​​about 822 square feet. The total floor space of the project is about 1.912 million square feet.