The consortium added 210 million yuan to buy an old building in Wan Chai

The urban land supply is limited, and the old buildings with rebuilding value have won the favor of developers

Among them, Rongli Building, Chunyuan Street, Wanchai, recently won a consortium of 210 million houses for purchase of 24 houses. Together with the previously acquired shops, it has invested about 4.43. Billion; new buyers have the highest voice in the new world.

Buy 24 groups in a chain

According to the information provided by the Land Registry, the old building, Wing Lee Building, 32-59 Chun Yuen Street, Wan Chai, has recently recorded 24 residential transactions. The transaction price ranged from 7.146 million to 14.456 million. The transaction price ranged from about 22,000 to 30,000. Among them, the highest unit of transaction price is the top floor of the project with room B, the area is about 481 square meters, the price is 14.456 million, the average price is about 29638 yuan, the new buyer is registered in the name of the company, is HONOURABLE GROUP LIMITED The company’s registered director is Liang Jiaxin, but the company was transferred to Huang Wenhui and Yang Guosheng on August 16 this year.

Another transaction included Room B on the 1st floor, with a turnover of 8.971 million

The buyer was based on FIELD HARVEST CREATION LIMITED. The registered directors of the company were also Huang Wenhui and Yang Guosheng.

According to the information, the 2nd to 6th floor of the old building was sold at 233 million in March this year. At the time, the buyer was the same as the company of the company. The former director of the company was named Liang Jiaxin. The person had previously acquired a number of redevelopment projects on behalf of New World, which meant that the consortium had acquired a basket of properties in Rongli Building for 443 million yuan. The old building is located at the junction of Sanban Street and Chunyuan Street. The building is 53 years old and is tall. 6 floors, providing 32 units.

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