Buyers rush into the market to count the number of errors

After the government relaxed the ceiling on property prices, the threshold for property purchases dropped significantly, and the property market suddenly turned abruptly

Buyers who were eager to enter the market were easy to count the number of mistakes and eventually decided to leave.

Before the policy address, 5.7 million purchases of Donghuan

According to market sources, a total of 65 second-hand sales were recorded in Tung Chung District in October. The number of the Middle East was 13 and 9 were recorded after the policy address. Among them, 5B high-rise 8 rooms, practical area 378 square feet, belonging to 1 room interval, buyers rushed to the market before the policy report, to buy units for 5.7 million yuan, but due to problems with capital turnover, Sunday suddenly decided to set aside, give up The deposit of 100,000 yuan will cancel the transaction. If the commissions of both parties are counted, it is estimated that a loss of about 200,000 yuan will be required to leave the market. The original owner just re-released the unit at a price of 5.98 million yuan.

In addition, Lin Yibin, senior divisional sales manager of Zhongyuan Real Estate, said that the property market has rebounded rapidly in recent days, and buyers who have been spurring for a long time have accelerated their decision to enter the market. The middle floor of Room G of the Blue Sky Coast has a practical area of ​​388 square feet, with a room interval of 5.9 million yuan, and a price of 15,206 yuan. The original owner bought the unit at about 4.22 million yuan in August 2016. The goods were held for about 3 years and the book profit was 1.68 million yuan.

Fanling Sheung Shui

Apart from the case of the Eastern District, it is understood that there are a number of cases in the Sheung Shui Estate in Fan Lam this month. Among them, the K-room at the lower level of Yu King Peak, Sheung Shui, has a saleable area of ​​468 square feet. It was sold at $6 million at the beginning of the month. The buyer did not complete the transaction as scheduled and ordered more than $100,000 to leave the market. The owner is now re-opening at 6.6 million.

The industry pointed out that the government announced that it would relax the upper limit of the property price, and the relevant measures will not be cancelled in the short term. Prospective buyers do not have to rush to snap up the unit for a while, and must work hard to purchase suitable units.

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