Buying for rent to support the rent

The second-hand housing market rebounded from the low level last month, but the price generally softened further, causing the overall price to fall

However, compared with the rental market, the performance in recent months was much smoother, regardless of the transaction price. As a result, the rental prices of individual medium and small units have increased slightly. As the property price has been under pressure in the past three months, the owners who are unwilling to reduce the price of the goods will rather buy the unit for rent. Many of the users who are bearish in the market will switch to the rental market. With the use of households, the rents are also relatively loose, becoming the “hardcore" of the rental market.

The big housing estates are generally “sold more than bought"

Take the Taikoo Shing City of Quarry Bay as an example. In the last month, 15 transactions were recorded, which was twice as high as that in August. The increase was very good at first glance, but only because the base of the month was too low. In the meantime, the rent was recorded in 50 cases. It is still " More than renting," this phenomenon is also common in many large housing estates.

Zoom in on the board

Some local agents said that the factors of political and economic weakness have not shown signs of improvement in the past three months, and the violent conflicts in various districts have become more and more serious every week. However, many owners have increased their demand for volume and added market acceptance. Still in the market, the marginality has narrowed, and the attractiveness of users who are interested in price reduction has also been reduced. It has also changed the strategy and rented buildings to drive rental demand. The latest data released by the Department of Estimation shows that private housing rents are still rising in August and have risen for six months. The performance is contrary to property prices. It is reflected in the fact that there is still a price in the lower market.

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