The capping rate is rising. Is there still a number?

The capping rate is rising. Is there still a number?

Large banks take the lead and increase interest-bearing discounts. From the new mortgages in the second-hand market to the transfer-based customers, the banks can ease the pressure on the funds. However, before the owners plan to re-press, in addition to considering interest rates and rebates, Pay attention to the multi-faceted thinking of the pace of interest rate cuts in the United States.

In the second half of the year, the US has a high interest rate cut, and Hong Kong’s interest rate has risen steadily. As borrowing costs have increased, large banks have also intentionally raised their margins. Recently, the fines have been upgraded to H. And cut the cash rebate offer, I believe it can only slightly ease the financial pressure.

However, for the owners, it is a good time for the banks to upgrade their interest rates and cut their concessions.

Cash rebate is still considerable

At present, the bank has a general penalty period of about 2 years. With reference to the rate of interest rate conversion 2 years ago (the second quarter of 2017), Hong Kong has not yet started the rate hike cycle. It can be awarded a minimum of H plus 1.3%. The interest rate is 2.15% and the rebate is about 1.2 to 1.4%.

Firstly, the interest rate of the flats will be compared. The current interest rate has risen by more than 2%. The owners are generally required to cover the flats and the interest rate will be increased to 2.475%. This will give them the opportunity to reduce interest rates after the re-election. The increase in contributions has increased the burden of contributions in disguise.

Taking the loan amount of 3 million yuan as an example, the repayment period is 25 years, and the monthly supply is about 13,400 yuan. The monthly supply is about 12,900 yuan before the transfer (interest rate is 2.15%), and the monthly mortgage payment is about 485 yuan. The expenditure for 2 years is more than 11,600 yuan.

However, cash rebates are most attractive to re-exporters, even if the rebate is reduced to 1.5%, and the loan of 3 million yuan as an example, a rebate of about 45,000 yuan. After deducting the amount of miscellaneous fees, the amount is still considerable. It is estimated to be equivalent to the contribution of about 2 to 3 months. The owner can flexibly choose to use it for repayment or standby consumption.

Hong Kong next year or interest rate cuts should be measured

Therefore, under the bank’s high cash rebate, the owner still has certain incentives for re-entry, but if the owner is expected to make long-term stable contributions, he should consider his own capital needs and the potential for property appreciation.

If the United States officially cuts interest rates in the second half of the year, Hong Kong will soon be expected to follow next year. At that time, P will have a chance to call back about 0.125%. If you intend to switch to interest rate reduction, you may wish to wait for better opportunities.