Causeway Bay Demonstration

The Hong Kong-style congee noodle shop, which was promoted by the food guide “Mizhilian”, has been famous for its wonton noodles

It has been rooted in Causeway Bay for 25 years. It has witnessed the high and low tide of the shop and recently chose to evacuate Causeway Bay. The owner of the Percival Street shop also faced the actual rent reduction and was rented at a monthly rent of 380,000 yuan, which was nearly 10% lower than the original rent of Chi Kee.

In the past, the crowds of Russell Street and Percival Street in Causeway Bay have continued to rise. However, in recent months, there have been fierce conflicts in various districts in Hong Kong. As a result, the number of people has plummeted, retailers have not been as good as before, and tenants have been experiencing Moved away, even the 25-year-old pool in Causeway Bay is no exception.

Rooted in the area for 25 years, the Michelin restaurant is hard to beat

Chi Kee opened in Causeway Bay in 1994. The first store was located at 52 Russell Street. Afterwards, the mainland opened its doors and the rent of Russell Street was increased by geometric grade. Since October 2006, Chi Kee has been forced to move to Shop F, G/F, Po Fuk Building, 84-94 Percival Street. The building area is about 1,300 square feet and the monthly rent is $260,000. It is also the only store in Chikwan Bay at that time; By the time of the peak of the market in 2013, the monthly rent of the shop rose to 700,000 yuan. In the same year, Chi Kee was the only restaurant that rented a first-floor shop at the junction of Percival Street and Russell Street. The website of Chi Kee described himself as the only one in Causeway Bay. The “Wonton Noodles” paved the survivors. After that, the rent of the shop was reduced to about 420,000 yuan, which was still higher than when Chi Kee was first stationed.

The above-mentioned land lease period will expire in October this year. It is understood that the owner will rent the rent at the original price of 420,000 yuan per month from August

Chi Ji decided not to renew the lease in September and left the market a few days ago. At present, the shop has been handed over to the Kyrgyzstan. The owner has reduced the rent to 380,000 yuan, which is 40,000 yuan or 9.5% lower than the original rent of Chi Kee.

In the first “Michigan Guide Hong Kong Macao” announced in 2008, the Chishui Persian Street Store was well-received and promoted in recent years. It has been one of the most popular Hong Kong food merchants on the mainland travel website.

Some insiders believe that as the demonstrations continue to occur on weekends, many shops have to be temporarily or even closed all day, which seriously affects the turnover and the number of passengers has dropped sharply. Many merchants in the tourist area are bearish on the market. After the expiration of the lease, even if the lease expires, The owner has to reduce rents and does not want to continue to operate.

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