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The global political and economic outlook is uncertain, coupled with the social turmoil in Hong Kong, the deterioration of the business environment, the vacancy rate of commercial buildings and the value of investment have been greatly reduced

In the Central Centre, 99 Queen’s Road Central, which was started to be demolished last year, there was a “first drop of blood" since the “Reverse Delivery" campaign in the Grade A commercial market. One of the 39th floors sold in May this year for $87.68 million. As a veteran investor, Yang Chaocheng decided to make a “strong man’s broken arm" and ordered a loss of nearly 8.75 million yuan.

The unit involved in the booking is Room 3, 39/F, Central, with a gross floor area of ​​approximately 1,843 square meters. Yang Chaocheng, the younger brother of Emperor Group Chairman Yang Shoucheng, purchased through Yongming Enterprise Co., Ltd. in mid-May this year for a price of 87.468 million yuan and a price of about 47,460 yuan. . However, according to the Land Registry information, the unit had signed a cancellation sale agreement on the 4th of last month, which was closed.

Yang Chaocheng lost the $8.75 million in the “broken arm"

The sale and purchase contract documents show that the purchaser must pay a deposit of $1 million when purchasing the above site and pay an additional $7.7468 million when signing the sale and purchase agreement. The balance of $787.12 million will be paid off when the transaction is completed on September 30 this year. . Due to the cancellation of the transaction, Yang Chaocheng’s previously paid deposit of RMB 8,746,800 was confiscated.

The entire floor of the 39th floor of Central is held by Chen Bingzhi, a “tape king" and senior investor Lin Zifeng

At the end of April this year, the whole floor was split into 12 units for sale, with a building area of ​​about 1841 to 3140 square. Hey, it became the second-floor split-selling unit of the building. According to the data, this layer has accumulated 5 groups since the sale and dismantling. After the appointment of 1 team, the remaining 4 groups have a total of about 495 million yuan, and the transaction price is 42080 to 48,435 yuan.

The Central Centre has now booked a cancellation transaction for the Grade A commercial market in Central District in the past two and a half years. The previous one was the Central Bank of Central Bank in Central, and the low-level units were sold in February 2017 after 22.6 million yuan.

In addition, the news revealed that Bank of America Center on the 32nd floor of Room 7-8, with a building area of ​​3,857 square meters, looking for a small amount of sea and mountain views, just rented out at 58 yuan per square, with a monthly rent of about 223,700 yuan. The old lease of the unit is $90 per trip, which means that the new rent has fallen by 35.6%, which is the lowest record in the past three and a half years.

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