Lin Zheng came out, promised to change the style of administration, open and inclusive, and lifted the flag to the first indoor ceremony. Officials took the boat to avoid demonstrations

Lin Zheng came out, promised to change the style of administration, open and inclusive, and lifted the flag to the first indoor ceremony. Officials took the boat to avoid demonstrations.

Yesterday was the 22nd anniversary of Hong Kong’s return. The SAR Government held a flag-raising ceremony and a cocktail reception in the morning. The Government claimed that it was affected by the rain. The flag-raising ceremony was changed to the “Rainy Day Scheme" for the first time after the reunification. The principal officials and a group of guests moved to the Wan Chai Convention and Exhibition Centre to watch the flag of the Golden Bauhinia Square on the TV screen.

Lin Zhengyue, the chief executive who has not appeared for a long time since the press conference on the 18th of last month, said in a “return" at the returning drink party 13 days later, saying that “what happened in recent months" made her fully understand that the politicians must accurately grasp the people’s feelings; The style of administration must become “more open and more inclusive". She began to improve her listening to public opinion in five aspects [see separate manuscript].

Police multiple water horses tightly guarded

Outside the returning ceremony, demonstrators confronted the police in Wan Chai in the morning and were unable to get close to the flag-raising venue. In the afternoon, demonstrators in Tim Mei Avenue began to violently attack the Legislative Council Building and crashed into multiple glass curtain walls. In the evening, a large number of demonstrators stormed into the Legislative Council.

The Legislative Council Secretariat issued a red warning in the evening. The Government spokesman strongly condemned the impact of the “extremely violent" approach on the Legislative Council. The RUF’s July 1st parade was affected by the impact of the Legislative Council. It was necessary to change to the Central Festival of Chater Road as the end point. The process was generally smooth and peaceful.

In response to the pre-announcement of demonstrations, the police began to guard the exhibition area at midnight last Saturday. In addition to closing a number of major roads, there were multiple water horses and iron horses. The Home Affairs Department announced at 6:45 am that due to the rainy weather, the flag-raising ceremony of the Golden Bauhinia Square was changed to a rainy day programme. Guests were required to observe the TV reception at the General Assembly Hall on the 3rd floor of the Exhibition. The celebration of the returning reception was held as scheduled.

The Chief Executive Lin Zhengyue, the Chief Justice of the Court of Final Appeal, Ma Daoli, the Director of the Liaison Office, Wang Zhimin, the former Chief Executive Tung Chee-hwa and Leung Chun-ying, and a group of invited guests, all arrived at the Golden Bauhinia Square, and then arrived at the Golden Bauhinia Square. Step into the exhibition.

The ceremony was held at 8:00 in the morning. Under the accompaniment of the national anthem, the national flag and regional flag rose slowly in the square. The helicopter of the flight service team also hoisted the national flag and the regional flag flying over the Victoria Harbour. The fireboat sprinkled water on the surface of the sea. Many disciplined units honor guards Also attended.

Alert near the Explosives Processing Division

A group of people who stayed behind in the Legislative Council’s demonstration area went to Wan Chai after 5 am and confronted the police line at the Longhe Road near the exhibition. They then dispersed to the nearby Longhe Street, the Fringe Pier and the Xia Road. The police added additional riot police to the above-mentioned road sections to surround the demonstrators, and dispatched the explosives disposal class to the scene.

At about 7:30 am yesterday morning, the police conducted a round of dispersal operations, using the batons and pepper spray to drive away the demonstrators at Longhe Road and Fenwick Pier Street. During this time, some people returned to the police to fight back. In the conflict in Longhuidao, the police also repeatedly applied pepper spray to force the demonstrators to retreat to the outside of CITIC Building. The two sides were separated by nearly 20 meters. At the same time, demonstrators gathered in Tim Mei Road and evolved into a violent impact on the Legislative Council Building in the afternoon.

Luo Zhiguang accepted the government building to prevent operation

The police saw the reporter at noon. At about 9:30 in the morning, the demonstrators threw objects suspected of containing unknown liquids to the police officers present, causing the police officers to have difficulty breathing and redness and swelling. A total of 13 police officers. Must be sent to hospital for governance. The police strongly condemned the relevant actions and have referred the case to the Organized Crime and Triad Bureau for follow-up action.

The Executive Council member, Mr Lam Kin-fai, said yesterday that the Observatory had issued a thunderstorm warning. The venue was also soaked by the rain. It was considered that the arrangement for the indoor flag-raising ceremony was appropriate. The Director of the Transport and Housing Bureau, Chen Fan, said after the reception that the flag-raising ceremony was moved into the room due to the rain, and it has nothing to do with the demonstration. The Secretary for the Civil Service, Mr Lo Chi-kwong, said frankly that demonstrators have recently surrounded government buildings many times and have had a certain impact on the operation of the Government.