One Madison Mall has 280 million letters of negotiation and Changsha Bay project totaling more than 17,000

Although the market wait-and-see atmosphere is still strong, investment properties are still sought after

According to the news, the One Madison part of the Changsha Bay, which is owned by Xinhe, has a total area of ​​17,840 square meters. The approved buyers have bid for about 280 million, and the price is about 15,700.

There is a market for the property in the mall. According to market news, One Madison, No. 305, Castle Peak Road, Cheung Sha Wan, is part of the base shopping mall and ground floor of the project. It has a total area of ​​17,840 square meters. It was previously sold at a market price of 350 million. Recently, the approved buyers have purchased 280 million yuan. If they are finally implemented, the average price is about 15,700. The newspaper asked the Sino Group for the above information yesterday, but it has not received any reply until the deadline.

Letter and unanswered

The information shows that the project was occupied in 2008. The age of the building is about 11 years. The developers have kept the shopping malls for rent. According to senior agents in the district, the shopping mall is adjacent to the MTR Cheung Sha Wan Station. Customs, the first floor of the shopping mall is currently leased by banks, and the ground floor is rented by chain tea restaurants. The total monthly rent is about 600,000.

The agent also said that despite the recent large-scale demonstrations and strong wait-and-see atmosphere in the market, the project is located in a non-core area with a lower impact and the above-mentioned purchase price is also a reasonable level.

About 15,700 per trip

In fact, Xinhe recently sold its mall properties, including Maanshan Silver Lake at the beginning of this year. Tianfeng Shopping Mall, undertaken by Hongan with 653 million.

The total rental area of ​​the mall is approximately 31,372 square meters, and the annual rental income is approximately 21.4 million. Based on this calculation, Hongan receives a return of approximately 3.3%. The mall has 11 shops, including restaurants, estate agents, bakeries and restaurants.

In addition, the ONE NEW YORK of Qingshan Road, the first floor of the company, was also accepted by the senior investor Lin Zifeng at the beginning of the year with a total area of ​​about 1,500 million. The underground area is about 6,000 square meters. The first floor area is about 5600 square meters. 12,931 yuan.

Currently renting about 600,000 per month

Since the two exhibitions, the two markets have sold their shopping malls in a basket, and they have achieved good development. Other consortiums have also tested the water temperature and sold the properties in a basket, including Dahonghui Chairman Liang Shaohong and “Pang Wangbo Shu" Deng Chengbo, etc. It is pointed out that they are launching properties that are not all-in-one. In some commercial buildings and old buildings, the property still needs to be value-added and the test for buyers is even greater. Shopping malls are easier to manage and are also affected by funds and long-term investors.

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