Citi’s tax rate is 2.01%

Citibank has taken the lead in other banks

This year, it is the first to introduce tax season loans. The actual annual interest rate of the minimum tax loan is 2.01%, which is the same as last year’s lowest level. However, if the loan amount is 1.5 million yuan or more, it can enjoy low interest rates, compared with 1 million yuan last year. You can “enter the market" and the threshold for the lowest interest rate this year is higher than last year. Market participants pointed out that due to the rising cost of bank funds and the increase in credit risk due to internal and external factors in Hong Kong, the bank’s tax interest rate will generally increase by at least half a year.

The preferential threshold is 1.5 million higher than last year

The bank’s tax loan amount of 1.5 million yuan or more this year, the actual annual interest rate can be as low as 2.01%, the same as last year; the loan amount is 200,000 to less than 500,000 yuan, the actual annual interest rate is 4.49%, which is the same as last year; The actual annual interest rate is 3.36%, which is higher than last year’s 2.91%; the actual annual interest rate is 2.46%, and the previous year’s 1 million yuan or more has enjoyed 2.01%. Interest rate.

Citi responded that it will review personal loan pricing and maintain competitiveness in response to market changes from time to time. The bank is not only focused on the price, but it is expected that the higher flexibility of the loan amount and repayment period of the product will continue to be welcomed by customers. Citi’s tax loan maximum loan amount is 2 million yuan or 12 times monthly salary, whichever is lower. The repayment period is up to 60 months, and the fastest is approved on the same day.

Chen Zhiwei, executive vice president and traditional banking director of Shanghai Commercial Bank, expects that bank tax interest will generally rise this year, as bank capital costs have risen by more than half a percentage in the past year. Some banks have raised their interest rates on flats to reflect financial pressures. The uncertainties such as the Sino-US trade war, coupled with the impact of local social events on the retail industry, have raised the credit risk. It is expected that the tax interest rate will generally increase by at least half a cent this year, but it is not excluded that some banks will The low interest of the condition is forcing.

The banking sector has generally raised interest rates by half a percentage point

Wu Haoxin, general manager of Huaqiao Yongheng Credit Finance, also agreed that in the face of the current business environment, this year’s tax interest rate needs to be raised, and it is impossible to fight vicious competition. She said that it is difficult to estimate the demand for tax loans this year. Because there are too many market variables, the influence of internal and external factors in various industries has only just emerged. It is not ruled out that the approval of tax loans by banks this year will be more rigorous, but I believe that they will not be too tight. Because tax credit customers are mostly quality customers.

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