Chengqi Road commercial land minimum bid is only 3014 yuan per trip

Yuan Zhan (00035) Kaide Chengqi Road commercial hotel site, which was hit by cold last month, although the sub-price is slightly lower than 6%, close to 2.3 billion yuan, but half of the bidders’ bids are less. 2 billion yuan

The commercial land of Chengqi Road was awarded 10 competitions by the developers last month. The general bid is conservative. Even if the winning bid is far, the price is only about 2,456.56 million yuan, which is more than 10% lower than the market valuation limit.

The Lands Department announced the price of the remaining nine developers yesterday, of which the sub-standard was 2.298 billion yuan, about 6% lower than the winning bid price

the other five were below 2 billion yuan, from 1.038 billion to 1.788 billion yuan. At the lowest price, the floor price per floor is only about 3014 yuan, which is 57.5% lower than the 7100 yuan per floor of the winning price. It is difficult to estimate how far the social riots have damaged the future economy of Hong Kong, and it is difficult to estimate the extent of the damage to the future economy of Hong Kong.

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