Confidence continues to be weak

The confidence of the property market continued to weaken under the adverse market, and the price surge spread to quality properties

Among them, the latest cost of Taikoo City in Quarry Bay fell below 10 million mark. In 2 rooms, Wang changed hands with a low market price of 9.838 million yuan, creating a similar low this year, and the cost returned to 2016 level. The Yuen Long Mansion has recorded a top-level unit sold for 24.5 million yuan for 2 vehicles last month. If commissions, printing fees, etc., the original owner has more than eight balls (ie 8 million yuan), and the erosion rate is over 27 %.

Taikoo City, the king’s transaction price fell below 10 million

According to Zhang Guangyao of Zhongyuan Real Estate, Taikoo City Quarry Bay recorded the first transaction in October. The newly-arrived unit is the lower floor D of Qigongge, Taikoo Shing. The practical area is 580 square meters, which belongs to the 2 room king. The owner has just placed less than one week. At the beginning, the price was 10.8 million yuan, which was close to the market price. Finally, it was reduced by 96.20 million yuan or 8.9%. The unit rented a contract with 9.83 million yuan, equivalent to a price of 16,962 yuan, a new low this year.

Mr Cheung said that the estate had recorded a transaction of less than $10 million in the previous case. It was recorded in January this year. The lower floor of Room H of the Tianshan Pavilion, with a usable area of ​​582 square feet, was sold for $9.99 million, but the unit eventually failed to complete the transaction. . The similar room of the lower level G of the Haixing Pavilion, with a usable area of ​​580 square feet, was sold in October 2016 for 9.84 million yuan.

Registry, the top floor A flat of Block 1 of Inveros Avenue, Kam Tin Estate, Yuen Long, has a saleable area of ​​1,683 sq ft

It has a rooftop and a platform. Last month, two parking spaces were changed to $24.5 million. The practical price was $14,557. . According to the information, the original owner purchased the unit in August 2014 for RMB 28.095 million, and then purchased 2 parking spaces for a total of RMB 2 million, involving a total of RMB 30.095 million. After 5 years of holding the goods, the resale account was etched 5.559 million yuan. Together with commissions, printing fees, etc., the actual erosion exceeded 8.3 million yuan, and the actual erosion rate exceeded 27%.

Young customer Ping Ping “5 ball" into Shangyue 2 room Zhongyuan real estate Liang Langxi said that the second-hand property price in the near-Yanlang District has gradually declined, stimulating the release of the capacity, the transaction volume has increased, and the low market price has generally been bought in a short period of time. Home to undertake. Mr Leung said that the branch recently recorded the transaction of the middle floor E of Yuen Long Shang Yue, with a saleable area of ​​355 square feet, which was a two-bedroom interval. The owner released the price of $5.4 million last month, eventually reducing 400,000 yuan or 7.4%. 5 million yuan was sold out, and the practical price was 14,085 yuan. Liang said that the buyer is a young person, the first phase of the funds is limited, see the site owner willing to reduce the price, immediately undertake. The original owner purchased the unit in April 2013 for RMB 3,407,600, and the book profit was RMB 1,952,400, which was 64% in the period.

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