Consortium 130 million buy He Wentian old building 6

Consortium 130 million buy He Wentian old building 6

Urban land attracts consortium mergers and acquisitions. The old buildings of No. 1B to 1C, Freedom Road, Ho Man Tin recorded about 6 acquisitions, involving a total of 130 million yuan. The new buyer is believed to be a consortium of the Mainland.

The purchase price is up to 22,000

According to the information of the Land Registry, two old buildings, 1B to 1C, Free Road, Ho Man Tin recorded a number of transactions. Each purchase price ranged from $18 million to $30 million, involving more than $130 million. The purchase price was about $16,000. 22,000 yuan. The new buyer is Huiyu International Investment Co., Ltd., and the registered director is Wang Huiyu (WUI, HUIYU), but holds a Hong Kong identity card.

The above properties are currently two 4 to 5 storeys (including 1 storey basement). The age of the building is about 63 to 64 years. It is adjacent to Fu Wai Garden and Tai Ping Ju. The site area is about 2,970 square feet and is classified as “Residential Category A". The use is estimated to be about 27,000 square feet if it is redeveloped into commercial and residential buildings in the future.

Adjacent to the old building No. 9 to 13 of the Free Zone in the same district, this year, the interior of Vanke Real Estate was forced to re-establish the residential development through strong auctions. He Wentian is a traditional luxury residential area and attracts consortia to acquire old buildings in the district.

In addition, the information shows that the two old buildings, 1D and 1E, Shek Lei Street, Kennedy Town, were acquired by the whole building of 164 million and 140 million yuan respectively. The new buyer is Te Ming Limited and the registered director Huang Jinming is expected to be an alpine enterprise. related person. The company has announced the acquisition of all the old buildings in 1N to 1E, Hennessy Street, Kennedy Town, which will be merged and redeveloped.