Willing to cooperate with government practices

The government announced yesterday that it has posted a land resumption announcement to implement the first phase of the development of Kwu Tung North and Fanling North New Development Area

A spokesman for Henderson Land (00012) said yesterday that among the above sites, About 1 million square feet of land is held by Henderson Land or a company of the same type. Since the land is responsible for the construction of public housing, the Group is willing to cooperate with the Government.

The spokesman also pointed out that the Group will receive compensation in line with the government’s land resumption and emphasize that it will not donate land for free

For the New World donation to social enterprises, the Henderson spokesman said that everyone has their own. According to the latest annual report of Hengdi, Hengdi holds about 45.9 million New Territories agricultural land, which means that the 1 million agricultural land involved is about 2% of the agricultural land held by Hengdi.

New World: “Guangcun" is only 3 stories high

In addition, New World Group (00017) announced the donation of 3 million square feet of land for the development of social housing. They added yesterday, and they are planning to construct three sites in the vicinity of Tin Shui Wai MTR Station. The relevant lots are currently leased and used as open-air parking lots and pet service shops. The Group is negotiating with the tenants for the lease, and “If there is light," the preparatory work for the relevant land use purposes will be changed.

The Group is also known to co-operate with the surrounding environment such as the Ping Shan Heritage Trail and the Ju Sing House. The Group and the “Have Light" architectural and design team will inject cultural and creative elements into the “Guang Cun" and plan to build a small building. The building on the 3rd floor is coordinated with the surrounding environment. The three plots cover an area of ​​7,400 square feet to 12,300 square feet.

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