House 730 is not “de-intermediation"

Modern Internet is developed, real estate agents to increase market share, and actively develop online platforms for marketing to cater to future market trends

The Chairman of the Central Plains Group, Shi Yongqing, has invested 200 million yuan to set up the House 730 floor platform. The “inside people" promote the electronic industry and open it to the industry. I believe this platform will give the industry a more convenient business model and expand the source of customers. It can even reduce the number of branches in the store.

Shi Yongqing said that the emergence of the Internet has an impact on all walks of life

The market is brewing “de-intermediation", but real estate agents cannot be replaced. They not only provide strict property screening, towers, bargaining and other bridge services, but also sell them. The product is not single, it has professional knowledge, so the agent still has value.

He believes that the emergence of the Internet can bring more effective business models to the industry

Therefore, other investors have set up the House 730 online platform. Each agent can be gathered on the same platform for sale, fair competition and avoiding monopoly. It is understood that the total investment of House 730 is about 200 million yuan, and there are more than 50,000 people in the market. One third of them come from the Central Plains Group, involving 300 to 400 agent banks. Centaline Property has no discount

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