Chen Fan denied the property market

The Housing Authority and the Development Bureau held a press conference on the relevant measures of the Policy Address yesterday

They were accused of relaxing the mortgage price ceiling of the mortgage insurance scheme and accused the buyer of having a “fire stick” as a negative asset. The risk, the Secretary for Transport and Housing, Chen Fan [picture] said that the measures are designed to help first-time people, there is no hidden motive behind. He also pointed out that different levels of people have different needs for home ownership. Some young people with relatively high incomes have to pay a large sum of money to pay for the first phase of the existing building. The purpose of the establishment of the company is to help Hong Kong people buy their homes and to provide insurance. Counterbalance the risks.

Huang Weilun: Significantly increase the speed of land resumption

According to Chen Fan, the company has issued a statement after the publication of the “Policy Report” by the Chief Executive. It does not require additional supplements. The increase in the number of mortgages is an option for those who wish to buy their own homes. I understand that the current property prices are still high. just do you best. He also stressed that property prices are affected by many factors, including global and local economy, employment and market demand, and mortgage is only one of the factors.

The Policy Address has not raised a large number of references to the Lands Resumption Ordinance to collect land from private developers. The Secretary for Development, Mr Wong Wai-lun, explained that there are more than 700 hectares of brownfields not included in new development areas or other development projects, of which 450 hectares are larger. The brownfield is close to the existing new towns and major roads. The Planning Department will first look at the 160 hectares which are closer to the existing infrastructure to assess the feasibility of public housing development. The target will be announced at the end of this year to further assess the rezoning and preparation for land resumption. Wait, it is expected that the remaining 290 hectares of inspections will be completed next year.

Huang Weilun said: “Because of infrastructure restrictions, there is an economic need for brownfield operations. It is unrealistic to expect all 450 hectares to be public housing.” He reiterated that land development is planned first and the government will use power to recover land. Based on the infrastructure and development potential, it does not depend on who is the landowner.

Mr Wong said that the Land Acquisition Ordinance has been used for public purposes in the past. However, there is not much public housing development. In the past five years, only 13 hectares have been built to build 10 public housing projects. The maximum difference between the new initiatives is the maximum. And “bold places” are to increase the speed of land resumption and increase the size. The Government will take care of the establishment of public uses, consider environmental protection and traffic factors, and work carefully. Asked if he would be worried about the judicial review of the owners. He pointed out that in recent years, he has faced a number of judicial reviews. In the end, the Government has won the case.

Announce 42,000 people to rent arrangements in due course

In the past, some analysts pointed out that if the government can improve the compensation for land resumption, the owners are willing to sell the farmland in their hands, but the government has indicated that it has no intention to increase the land. Huang Weilun believes that the current compensation price for Grade A agricultural land is 1389.6 yuan per party. The amount is sufficient. It is understood that the owners will feel that the land will be able to generate higher profits after being developed, so they will not be ruined, but after the farmland is recovered, The development of public housing is of low commercial value and the Government does not intend to change the existing mechanism.

As for the Government’s study on speeding up the tail-end unit of the promotional TPS, Chen Fan added that there are more than 3,000 tenants buying and returning units in 39 rented housing estates each year, which is attractive to residents. In June, the average selling price per square was 1000 to 2000. Yuan, I believe many people are interested; how the remaining 42,000 people will be pricing or offering concessions will be subject to research and discussion by the Housing Authority and will be announced in due course.

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