Developers avoid taxation

The Government has relaxed the first mortgage market

The new market is also prosperous in the market. In particular, the existing property is directly benefiting. It is expected that the sales will accelerate. Together with the vacant tax to be implemented, the developer will also accelerate the launch. .

The first mortgage insurance is aimed at the existing property

In other words, the second-tier market is mainly benefited from the second-hand market. The primary market is mainly based on uncompleted flats. After the launch of the measures, the whole property market is reversed and stimulated. Purchasing power flows to the new building market, with a lot of turnover.

In line with the first mortgage mortgage boom, it is believed that in addition to the incentives for developers to optimize the construction payment, another strategy is to speed up the sale of surplus units in the existing building.

9 thousand people, one hand, 70% of small and medium-sized households

In fact, according to the data of the Transportation Bureau as of the end of June this year, 60% or 5,400 of the 9,000-person first-hand buildings that have been occupied but not sold belong to small and medium-sized units below 753 square feet, and the practical area is less than 430 square meters. The fine units of also accounted for 2,800 gangs. Such units have the opportunity to benefit from the latest relaxation of the 80% mortgage, and even the impact of the 90% mortgage, which is beneficial to developers to sell in the future.

On the other hand, with the start of the new year’s legislative year, after the first reading of the first-hand vacancy tax, it will also begin the deliberation process before the second reading. The legislative progress will be straight. The developers will also benefit from the existing building. Therefore, the pace of the push is accelerated, so as to avoid breaking into the tax net after the legislation comes into effect.

In order to speed up the sales of the existing remnants of the building, it is believed that the developers need to increase their concessions to promote the attraction and the new discs will follow. I believe that there will be a lot of supply in the new market in the fourth quarter. Provide more options outside of second-hand buildings.

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