Interval diversity, different sources of tourists. Enjoy the development advantages of Kai Tak

Two years later, Kai Tak has a new disk for sale, which is jointly developed by KWG and Longhu

More than 660 units are provided, and nearly half are 3-bedroom units. As the Kai Tak Development Area is still in the planning and construction stage, it is expected that after the completion of the project in the area, it will become a new commercial center with diverse project types, which will attract different buyers.

Yet.珒溋 Located at No. 11 Kai Tak Mu Tai Street, it offers 667 gangs, with a total of 538 to 854 baht for 3 bedrooms, involving 320 gangs, accounting for about 48%. Su Weiwen, general manager of KWG’s overseas development department in Hong Kong, pointed out that the project is the first full-use housing in the region to use smart home appliances. Users can control some home appliances through mobile applications.

In terms of shopping packages, there are a number of commercial and residential plots in the Kai Tak District. For example, the site No. 1 in Area 1F of SHKP will be built into a residential and shopping complex. The site of No. 2 in Area 1F of Nan Fung will have a floor area of ​​about 700,000. Used as a store and retail and restaurant.

15 minutes after the opening of the Shazhong Line, I arrived in Central

In terms of transportation, the MTR Kai Tak Station in the district is expected to open to traffic in the first quarter of 2020. It is expected that after the project is completed, residents can use the MTR to shuttle through various districts. In the future, when the Sha Chung Line is fully operational, it will take only 15 minutes to get from Kai Tak Station to Central and Kwun Tong and other commercial and trading districts. The Government is also planning to construct Route 6 and will use the Central Kowloon Route to travel from Kowloon Bay to West Kowloon. The journey will take about 5 minutes. In addition, there are a number of bus routes to the nearby Muk Ning Street to Hong Kong Island and Tai Kok Tsui.

In terms of leisure facilities, Kai Tak Sports Park has started construction. It is expected to be completed in 2023. The main venue can accommodate about 50,000 spectators. The public sports ground can open the runway for free to the public.

The project is located in the primary school 34 school network, including St. Rosa’s School, Xie En Middle School affiliated primary school, Chen Ruiqi (Lasha) Primary School. Secondary schools belong to the traditional prefecture network, Kowloon City District, including Huaying Middle School and Hong Kong Peizheng Middle School.

Government agencies continue to enter the commercial building

In recent years, many Kai Tak new discs have been on sale. Some of the projects attracted many investors during the sale period, mainly due to market expectations that Kai Tak is expected to become another commercial center with great investment potential.

Since the introduction of the Kai Tak Development Area, many government departments have already advanced to the Kai Tak District. In the future, the taxation building and the hospital will be completed one after another. There are also many commercial sites in the district. The price has been voted by the developers. It is obvious that the developers are optimistic about the development prospects of Kai Tak. It is believed that as government departments continue to enter and more commercial buildings are completed, the demand for Kai Tak rental will be very large.

The finest unit 334 The open hall is open to the external platform

Yet.Opened four demonstration units earlier, including the most detailed 3341 households, which were modeled on two 28th floor K rooms. The unit hall area was opened in a long form and connected to a 16-inch working platform, next to the main entrance. The default is the shoe position. The bedroom is functional and the bathroom is equipped with a bathtub. The unit open kitchen is equipped with an L-shaped design, which is equipped with an induction cooker, a refrigerator, a microwave oven and a washer-dryer.

Another three-room design with no change to the demonstration unit is based on two 28-story A rooms. The utility area is 752 baht. The three-bedroom (with suite) and storage room are open to the toilet. The rectangular dining room has an external 24″ terrace, and the master bedroom and the other bedroom are all designed with a curved window to increase the viewing angle.

Another demonstration unit is a 585 2 room with two 28-story E rooms. The decoration is mainly in wood-tone style, and the dining room is separated. The kitchen is decorated with metal walls and 19 floors. Work platform. One of the bedrooms was replaced by a glass cabinet to separate the sleeping area and the hall area, and a hundred-fold door was placed in the center of the room to draw a cloakroom. The other bedroom is designed as a children’s room.

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