Dihuang Square plaque 80%

Dihuang Square plaque 80%

One of the members of the “Earth Market Alliance" was re-recorded for bloodshed in Tsuen Wan Plaza, Tsuen Wan. According to the Land Registry, the number one shop on the 2nd floor of the shopping mall has a construction area of ​​78 square meters. It was recently sold for 750,000 yuan and the price was 9,615 yuan. The original owner bought it for 3.371 million yuan in 2012. The book loss for holding goods for seven years is 292.1. Ten thousand yuan, plunged 80% during the period.

Jiahu parking space 1 year eclipse 120,000

Shop Wang Dengchengbo repurchased the industrial building, the fifth floor of the 5th floor of Wangshi Building, No. 33 Hongtu Road, Kwun Tong. It was recently sold for 49.5 million yuan, with a construction area of ​​about 10,000 square meters and a price of 4,950 yuan. It is understood that the company purchased is Anhai Investment Co., Ltd., and its directors include Deng Chengbo and his son Deng Yaosheng. The original owner purchased the property for about 1.75 million yuan in 1986, and held 33 years of sales, with an appreciation of 47.75 million yuan, an increase of 27 times.

The parking space also left the scene, and the double-level parking space on the B floor of Kingswood Villa in Tianhuwei, Tianhuwei, was recently sold for 1.38 million yuan. The original owner purchased the price of 1.5 million yuan in June last year, and the book eclipse was about 120,000 yuan. 8%.

Midland Commercial Luo Zhongying refers to the renting of Room B and C on the 10th floor of Zhuo Ling Center, 133 Wan Chai Road, Wan Chai. The property area is about 1,330 square feet and about 549 square feet respectively. The intention is about $26.