Donghuan only appreciated 9% in four years

Property prices have fallen from high levels, and the profit margin has been narrowing

Last month, only about 3 Dongdong Donghuan were recorded. As the owners are willing to cut prices or sell at low prices, they will drive a recent record, and a 2A low-rise 9-room will be sold for only 6.9 million yuan. 12,410 yuan, only 9% appreciation in four years.

As the owners are willing to reduce the price, the East Ring has been linked to the recent trading

Many owners have recently chosen to cut prices to earn their exits. The United States Wu Huibin said that the above-mentioned units had a price of 7.8 million yuan at the beginning of June and a reduction of 7.5 million yuan in July. The market conditions continued to be reduced by another 600,000 yuan and then sold out. The utility area was 556 square meters, and the price was about 12,410 yuan. He continued that Tung Chung District only recorded 28 transactions in August. Unless the low market price is 10 to 15%, it is difficult to attract buyers.

Xiaoyue has received a total of 5.98 million

According to the market, the third-floor, three-bedroom, low-rise, 5A block of Donghuan was purchased by the buyer for 7.7 million yuan, and the price was only 12,012 yuan, which is the lowest level of similar units this year. It is reported that the upper floor is lower and affected by quality, so the owner is willing to ship at the attraction price.

As for Changsha Bay Xiaoyue, which has not much trading, there is a room unit with a change of 5.86 million yuan in recent days, and the unit has only appreciated by 12% in five years. Zhongyuan Wu Jiajun said that the high-rise room A, which had just been sold, had a usable area of ​​315 square meters and sold for 5.98 million yuan, with a price of 18,984 yuan.

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