Dragon bed tray sucker Tuen Mun second-hand customer discount

Dragon bed tray sucker Tuen Mun second-hand customer discount

Tuen Mun fine code new price reduction push, stimulate the second-hand low-priced building in the same district is willing to reduce the price, Jinbang Building, a 285-inch two-bedroom unit, the original price of 4 million yuan, the final price reduction of 200,000 yuan, get on the train The customer took over 3.8 million yuan.

The “Dragon Bed" has been reduced by more than 30%, attracting attention from the market. The owners of the same price in the same district are willing to increase the bargaining rate. Xiangyi Real Estate Sales Director Hu Zhiwei said that the low-rise F room of Jinbang Building in Jingcai Street, Tuen Mun, has a usable area of ​​285 square feet, which is a two-bedroom interval. The owner originally sold it for 4 million yuan. After the bargaining, it was finally won by the passengers. The transaction was 3.8 million yuan, a decrease of about 200,000 yuan or 5%. It is known that the property price of the property is less than 4 million yuan, which can cover up to 90% of mortgages, attracting new buyers to enter the market.

The original owner of the above-mentioned unit was purchased in 1981 for 182,900 yuan. The profitable account earned about 3,171,100 yuan. The stock was held for 38 years and the unit appreciated nearly 20 times.

Jinbang Building is a single property. With reference to the past transactions of the property, the similar floor area and the lower floor F room of the same area changed hands by 2.9 million yuan in June last year. The similar units bought 900,000 yuan or 30% in one year.

Agent: 4 million in the market, 2% willing to reduce the price

Some agents in the district revealed that the district has a new code on the new disk on Thursday. In the past 3 days, it has contacted about 60 low-priced buildings with a price of less than 4 million yuan. The owners of about 12 units are willing to lower the price. The asking price is about 20%, and the price reduction range is about 1 to 5%.

Among them, the “Sambo" Wanbao Building, a 279-square-foot mid-level unit, the original asking price was 3.8 million yuan, the owner’s latest reduction of 50,000 yuan, down to 3.75 million yuan for sale. A low-rise unit of Duobao Building has a usable area of ​​246 square feet and a price of 4 million yuan. The latest adjustment is 3.9 million yuan, a decrease of about 2.5%.

On the other hand, Room 12, Middle Floor, Cheung Yu House, Cheung Wah Estate, Fanling Public Housing, with a saleable area of ​​277 square feet, was purchased by the buyer at a land price of 2.968 million yuan. The practical price was about 10,715 yuan.

Mr. Lan Haoran, Senior Regional Sales Director of Centaline Property, said that the new purchaser also subscribed for the Tuen Mun Jing Yu. However, the market responded enthusiastically to the market and the opportunity was low. Therefore, it was decided yesterday to buy the Fanling Public Housing Unit. Contracted about 8 to 90% mortgage.