Du Laozhi nightclub site 892 million change hands, nearly 30,000 per week

Du Laozhi nightclub site 892 million change hands, nearly 30,000 per week

Large-scale shops on Hong Kong Island are sought after by funds. The old site of Du Laozhi Night Club in Wanchai changed hands by 892 million yuan, and the property has appreciated by more than 1 time in 9 years.

More than doubled in nine years. Buyer Acer Capital

The old site of Du Laozhi nightclub is located at Shop No.1-10 of Duzhitai, 250-274 Jaffe Road, Wanchai, and the first floor and the first floor of Room 1-16. It is the junction of Jaffe Road and Du Laozhi Road. The total construction area is about 30,000 square meters to 8.92. 100 million yuan sold, the price of about 29,700 yuan.

The site was rented by Du Laozhi nightclub for many years. However, after the property was purchased by experienced investor “Taiwan Zhang" Zhang Yanxu for 435 million yuan in 2010, the nightclub was closed in the following year. The property has been leased to the clubhouse and restaurant. Zhang Yanxu took out the goods nearly nine years later, and his book profit was 457 million yuan, a sharp appreciation of 1.05 times.

According to the Land Registry, the new buyer is VALUE WONDER INVESTMENT LIMITED and the directors of the company include Zhou Jianhua, Huang Jinlian and Yang Weiwen, who are the funds of Acer Capital or related parties. The fund invested 1.9 billion yuan at the beginning of this year to purchase a full-scale commercial building at 69 Suhang Street, Sheung Wan.

Newport Centre’s 37 million transactions

In addition, in the commercial building, Room 12, 5th Floor, Block 2, Newport Centre, Tsim Sha Tsui, has a gross floor area of ​​about 2053 square meters and was sold for about $37 million. The price was about $18.02 million.