Economic downturn investment, old gloves, now  8 balls shipped, “Kowloon Station Fu Po", Jun Jun, the world, earned 46 million

The economy is going down and falling into recession, and the property market veteran is also going to lose money

During the heyday, he speculated on more than 40 properties in Kowloon Station. He was hailed as a big speculator in the “Kowloon Station Fu Po". He just smashed 8 balls and took out his own residence. The transaction price was 60 million yuan and the price was over 55,000 yuan. Earn 46 million yuan, rich women buy and sell eye-catching guidelines, never missed, in the past 14 years, relying on money to make money to earn 130 million yuan.

According to market news, there is a high-rise room B in the world, with a practical area of ​​1088 square meters

The owner has placed 68 million yuan earlier, and the newly-built Daxie 8 balls 沽 60 million yuan is 15% lower than the same type, and the price is more than 55,000 yuan. However, the owner has the conditions to do the price action, because it was sold at a low price of 13.91 million yuan in 2004, even if the big man still made a big profit of 46 million yuan.

The agent said that the owner of the site was a big speculator at the “Kowloon Station Fu Po". During the heyday, he sold more than 40 properties in Kowloon Station, including residential and parking spaces. The single-country home had been speculating for nearly 40. The record and vision were good. The seizure has not lost its hand, but the rich woman has her own set of speculation models. She prefers short-selling and is very short-lived. The length of the holding period generally ranges from 2 months to 2 years. 2 balls" will cut the green, the most exaggerated unit is the second floor of the second floor of the second floor of the C, in October 2007, the price of 14.32 million yuan, holding only 2 months, the same year in December to 17.58 million yuan change hands, two months Earning 23% is the most profitable one in the short-selling competition. Together with the above-mentioned Junlin units, which have just changed hands, the two units have already earned nearly half a billion yuan.

In the history of rich women’s speculation, I can see that I love the Arc de Triomphe

I have speculatively sold 19 units. Among them, the lower room of the Asahi Pavilion is more disappointing. In 2008, it was purchased for 20.5 million yuan. After two years, it was 20.68 million yuan. Flat, 19 items before and after the goods also brought about nearly half a billion. Over the past 14 years, I have earned about 137 million yuan by money. Fu Po’s hand-held property is also sold almost. It is reported that it only holds the low-rise Room A of Ferris, with a asking price of 49 million yuan. If it is sold out at a price, it will earn a total of 29.9 million yuan from the price of 19.1 million yuan.

The luxury units that were bought in the early years did not make money. Li Jiage Real Estate Marketing Manager You Weiwei said that the middle floor of Room C of Happy Valley has a practical area of ​​355 square meters, and one room looks southwest. In July 2018, the tenancy agreement began to be put on sale. The original price of the owner was 9.5 million yuan. After the bargaining price, the price was reduced by 650,000 yuan or about 6.8%. The final price was changed to 8.85 million yuan. The price was about 24,930 yuan.

It is reported that the original owner purchased for 8.704 million yuan in 2015, and the profit for holding the goods for 4 years was about 146,000 yuan, an appreciation of about 1.7%. After deducting the expenses such as the printing fee, the actual erosion was about 270,000 yuan.

The same floor low-rise C room, the same area is 355 square feet, the unit was once ordered by the buyer, the developer increased the price in August 2017 by 25% 10.54 million yuan, the price of nearly 30,000 yuan, relative to the second-hand transaction layer High, but lower than the price of 1.69 million yuan or 16% two years ago, and create a new low price.

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