Economic outlook for the next six months

Hong Kong is facing a social movement in which the Sino-US trade war is unclear and has not ceased

Some surveys have found that seven adults are pessimistic about the economy in the next six months, up 18 percentage points from similar surveys six months ago. The prospects are unclear, and some citizens can only tighten their spending. The five major expenses contracted.

The Hong Kong Research Association randomized 1,010 people from August 16 to September 17

Seven adults are pessimistic about the economy in the next six months, and 11% think that “as it is now" is 11 percentage points lower than the previous one. Only one in one is optimistic. Respondents tend to be negative on the current “Hong Kong economy", with a net negative of 67% (net value refers to the increase ratio minus the decrease) and a net change of negative 14% (the net change refers to the survey this time and six months ago) Net value comparison).

Under the pessimistic economic situation, although most people in daily life such as shopping, food, housing, health care and education have indicated that they will remain stable, some citizens have begun to tighten their spending, indicating that they will reduce the proportion of relevant expenditures compared with the surveys of six months ago. Net value changes -3% to -23%.

59% of people expect property prices to fall

As the economy deteriorates, the property market is directly affected. When the property price moves in the next half year, the number of respondents who say that they will “fall" will more than double to 59%. One-and-a-half-year will mean “maintaining stability" and reducing by 10 percentage points. More than half of the current non-home business opportunities.

The survey agency said that the public is facing a negative trend towards the current economic situation and the prospects of the Hong Kong economy. It is believed that the recent demonstrations have continued and the global trade conflict continues. It is a major challenge for the Hong Kong economy. It calls on the Government to actively introduce appropriate measures to support the difficulties of different industries. And closely monitor the economic situation, prepare early and timely launch policies to deal with the downside risks that have the opportunity.

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