The establishment of the system is not enough to encourage the market to reduce the price of visitors

The Legislative Council passed the Tax Relief Bill yesterday

During the deliberation, the founding faction generally criticized the government for its lack of relief. The Chairman of the New Democratic Party, Mrs Regina Ip, suggested that more gimmicks, such as the sale of famous shops and shopping malls in Hong Kong, would attract tourists to Hong Kong. The Citizens Party Yang Yueqiao said that if the administration continues to be chaotic and indulge in police violence, even if the tax is exempted, it will not help.

Mrs Ip stressed that the economy of Hong Kong has experienced a recession even without the impact of anti-reform demonstrations. In the past four months, the number of inbound tour groups has been greatly reduced. It has also hit Hong Kong’s tourism industry. The public has also chosen to go to the field because of their bad mood or demonstration. Consumption has frustrated the local retail industry.

She continued that the Government’s “squeezing toothpaste”-style push measures failed to give people a big sense of suspicion

The Government is proposing to “small heads”, such as appealing to major stores to reduce their prices together, attracting consumption and treating public trauma.

The Democratic Alliance for the Betterment of Hong Kong (DAB) Jiang Lizhen has threatened not to rule out a motion to reduce the pay of any Member who participated in or supported the “riot”. She continued that Hong Kong itself is “the most democratic and free” and criticizes that some people must fight for democracy and freedom. In fact, they do not know what they are fighting for. She also mentioned that at present, the public is not afraid to go out on holiday, and believes that the government should further introduce policies to stimulate consumption.

Democrats: not just police riots, sending money is useless

Yang Yueqiao said that it is indeed necessary to “stop the riots and chaos”. “Violence” is police violence. “Disorder” is the government’s administrative chaos. Otherwise, even if the tax is exempted, even the whole people will not help. He also ironically, although the government denied that raising the tax rebate rate is related to the recent situation, it must be politically justified. The disguised form is the “successful struggle” of the demonstrators. The then DAB Chen Hengzhen criticized Yang Yueqiao as a demonstrator of “songs and praises” and questioned the “robbery logic.”

The Government proposed the draft before the adjournment of the Legislative Council. However, as the Legislative Council Building was ruined in July, the Bill was adjourned early. The Bill was reinstated and passed the Second Reading debate yesterday. The tax rebate for salaries tax, personal assessment and profits tax was 75% increased to 100%, but the ceiling is maintained at 20,000.

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