The annual price increase will be reduced to 5%

Property prices in Hong Kong have been resilience, and in the past several downturns, most of them have returned to the upswing for a short period of time

Huang Zhiliang, senior analyst of the real estate industry in the Asia-Pacific region, said that in the first half of this year, the overall property price in Hong Kong rose by about 10%. The rise was very urgent. However, since June, the property price has dropped by about 5% in the third quarter. Under the global economic environment in the second half of the year, the decline in property prices is expected to continue into the fourth quarter of this year.

Huang Zhiliang continued that the problem of imbalance in the supply of the property market has not been resolved, and there are still signs of a downward trend in the external environment

It is difficult for property prices to fall sharply. It is predicted that the property price will rise by no more than 5% this year, which is a steady growth. People hope that the property market is a healthy development; he also mentioned that the government’s new Policy Address has a stimulating effect on the property market, and second-hand trading volume has risen.

He believes that the buyer’s purchasing power is affected by the demonstrations and the economic downturn. It does not rule out that the developer will be more cautious in deploying the sales arrangements for next year. However, due to the poor global economy and the Sino-US trade war, foreign investment tends to change. Conservatively, demand for office and luxury rentals has slightly weakened in the first half of this year.

In the mainland property market, Bloomberg Industry Research Asia-Pacific real estate industry analyst Kong Lingyi believes that as a policy-led market, mainland property prices will not be ups and downs, the overall property price trend will remain stable; this year, mainland developers will weaken their land investment, land auction The price has dropped significantly. It is expected that there will be a medium-to-high single-digit increase in property prices this year.

Insufficient water in the inner room

Kong Lingyi said that the internal housing is facing liquidity tightening pressure. China Evergrande (03333) recorded a record sales last month, which does not mean that the property market is picking up, but only reflects the company’s sales promotion by means of price reduction promotion. Its profitability and gross profit margin caused damage; Sunac China (01918) also promoted the purchase of goods by price reduction. In order to fulfill the annual sales target and supplement the liquidity, it would rather “require the money to buy goods”.

She also expects that in the face of financing pressure, there will be more insiders considering pumping in the stock market. It is not ruled out that there will be a wave of shares in the fourth quarter of this year to early next year, and even some of the inner h

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