Experts support the property market, recommend 3 major property stocks

Experts support the property market, recommend 3 major property stocks

The leaders of China and the United States confirmed that they will meet during the G20 summit next week. The US Federal Reserve indicates that the possibility of interest rate cuts will increase this year. Two news stimulated the global stock market to do well. Hong Kong stocks also benefited and rose more than 1,300 points this week.

Richard Yetsenga, chief economist at ANZ, believes that the Sino-US trade negotiations have not been scattered, but the meeting between the two heads of state undoubtedly increased the possibility of reaching an agreement this year, but reminded the market should not be overly optimistic.

In the past week, property stocks have also followed the market, and the big banks have rushed to report good property stocks.

Ken Yeung, a member of the Asia-Pacific Real Estate Research Champion Team of the Institutional Investor and a Hong Kong real estate research director at Citibank Research, said in an exclusive interview with iMoney that he is optimistic about the property market in Hong Kong and believes that the transaction will gradually pick up. Recommend three major real estate stocks.

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