Fairview Garden More than 2,500 gardens Wide hall extension space

The location of the Yuen Long Fairview Garden is self-contained and offers a peaceful living environment

The estate is fully equipped to meet the needs of everyday life. The visit to the flat is a single house at Lai Chi North Road. It has a saleable area of ​​1395 square feet and has over 2,500 square foot gardens. The whole building is ingenious and enjoys a high quality living environment.

Located in Dashengwei, Yuen Long, Fairview Garden offers over 5,000 bungalows built between 1977 and 1988

There are shopping malls and clubhouses in the estate. There are various daily necessities shops and convenience stores in the shopping arcade. There are also restaurants to meet the needs of daily life. For the clubhouses, the facilities include a fitness room, swimming pools, tennis courts, etc. If you do not want to drive, the estates also provide shuttle bus services to and from Yuen Long Town Centre and MTR Sheung Shui Station.

3 rooms, 1 set interval

The bungalows have 2,500 square meters of private gardens, allowing residents to plant different types of plants at will, creating a comfortable and green environment that enhances the quality of life. Walking through the garden into the house, the living room is spacious and practical, and the decoration is also ingenious. There is now a large sofa, and the wall behind the sofa is purple. Compared with the white theme in the hall, it can create an embellishment effect. A sense of hierarchy. The unit has 3 rooms and 1 suite. Each room is equipped with large windows, which are lighted into the room. The space is spacious and practical, and the furniture can be arranged according to the preferences of the residents. In terms of the kitchen, the current kitchen has an open design, ample kitchen space and is fully equipped. There are now a number of kitchen cabinets and basic cooking stoves, such as ovens and burners.

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