Fanling Anle Village Industrial Zone

The Government is studying the development of the New Territories North

The industrial estate of Shek Lei Street, Fan Lok Estate, Fan Lam Estate was approved at a high price last year. It was approved to construct a new industrial building of about 300 000 square feet. The industrial zone in the district has joined the relaxation of the development clause and is expected to enhance the district. Internal industrial atmosphere and reconstruction value.

The Anle Village Industrial Estate is located in the east of Fanling, adjacent to Luen Wo Hui. It is about 7 to 10 minutes walk from MTR Fanling Station. The industrial site of the zone is about 3.51 million square feet. It is owned by 98 private industrial buildings and the Government. There are more than 20 open space and temporary car parks. More than half of the industrial buildings in the district are used for warehouse and storage development. The vacancy rate is about 5%. More than 70% of the industrial buildings are single ownership, mainly for owner-occupation. Many properties are older than 30 years old and actually have some potential for reconstruction.

Safe Street and Anfu Street

The long-term development of Fanling can benefit from the development of the New Territories North, Hetao District and Liantang Port. The Government launched an industrial plot in the district last year and eventually won the investment of $33.29 billion at a high price. It is still a new high in the industrial price of the New Territories. The site is located between Safe Street and Anfu Street. It was originally an open-air car park and the building can be built up to 65 meters.

The site was approved by the Buildings Department in June this year for the construction of a 15-storey (1 storey basement) new industrial building with a total gross floor area of ​​about 301,800 square feet. The land price of the floor is about 2,430 yuan. It is estimated to be mainly used for industrial logistics. In recent years, transportation and logistics have increased in China and Hong Kong. It is expected that users will be able to travel to Sheung Shui, Lok Ma Chau and Huanggang ports after completion.

According to the land lease terms of the land, a public car park with about 118 parking spaces will be provided without deducting the floor space. It is estimated that the basement will be used as a public car park, which is expected to bring additional commercial value to the project.

Industrial zone plus 3 clauses

In addition, the Planning Department has conducted a review on the development of the Fan Lok Estate Estate in the past year. Considering that the zone is a major employment belt in the North District, it can cope with the future implementation of the Kwu Tung North and Fan Ling North New Development Area projects to provide employment opportunities for the surrounding residents in the future. It was finally decided to maintain the land for industrial development and has completed the revision of the Outline Zoning Plan and added three articles to the industrial zone.

The terms include the height limit for buildings in industrial land, from 25 meters above the main level, to 65 meters (excluding the basement), followed by the calculation of the public parking area into the plot ratio, and the use of art studios, etc. For the industrial use, the development flexibility of the land is increased to encourage the owners of the industrial buildings in the area to seek redevelopment or alteration of the property. I believe that many industrial owners can benefit.

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