Financial center status is dangerous

Hong Kong has been swaying

The site of the West Kowloon Cultural District was also “Lu Shen" yesterday. It seems to have fulfilled the ominous signs of the 500-yuan new banknote of BOC Hong Kong (02388) last year. At the same time, the HKMA finally announced the appointment of the new president. The current vice president, Eddie, will Replacing Norman, who has served as the third person of the HKMA since October, shoulders the responsibility of maintaining Hong Kong’s financial stability. Looking at the recent international response, Zhou Yenlang suspected that the impact of the “black-and-hit attack" on the status of Hong Kong’s international financial center was much more serious than the impact of the large-scale demonstrations, the impact of the Legislative Council, the police headquarters, and the smear of the national emblem. So far, 11 countries and regions have issued travel warnings to Hong Kong, and many multinational companies are worried that they cannot guarantee the safety of their employees in Hong Kong and reinvigorate their confidence in Hong Kong. I am afraid that Eddie took over a bad stall in October.

Police black collusion is not clear

Some people do not quite understand that for the international community, how many serious incidents of black and white chaos in Yuen Long? Just a story from the recent real estate brokerage industry can be reflected. After saying “Night", the atmosphere of the property market in Yuen Long suddenly became sluggish. However, the real estate agents in the district always had to open meals. Therefore, the management of a certain agency was teaching the lower class: “You talk to the hackers. “The gangsters have their own temperament. If there is a triad in a foreign country, why do you want to use it?" The broker used this trick to call the guest, but the other person responded: “Oh, the triads have problems, and the problem is that the police are all in the police. Underworld, I dare to marry my wife and daughter?"

By the same token, foreign Western society is no stranger to marches, demonstrations or even “riots". The intensity of such incidents in the local area may be even worse in Hong Kong and sometimes life, but as long as the government and law enforcement agencies can deal with them positively, they will not be fundamental. Move the business confidence.

Just as the real estate agent said: “There are demonstrations all over the world. Do you want to do business with you?" However, when a local police suddenly “collectively disappeared" for more than half an hour, let the black forces break into the station and attack the citizens without any difference. And it is suspected that the police will be “black-collar", and multinational corporations will feel that this is the level of the third world region; it is not impossible to do business with these regions (if there is a diamond mine or oil field), but it must be equipped with a reloaded private guard to protect Your own staff.

Check yourself, public opinion, regain confidence

It stands to reason that in the face of distrust from all walks of life, the Hong Kong Government should make every effort to clarify the suspicion of “police black collusion" and try to restore confidence. However, I am afraid that the police press conference yesterday afternoon is completely disappointing. Now the parties are questioning the alleged “police black collusion" in the New Territories North Police District. The Police have said that the New Territories North Police District is now investigating the relevant problems. This is equivalent to a black criminal who “self-inspects himself" and is ridiculous.

The Acting New Territories North Regional Commander, Mr Kenneth Tse, who was attending the press conference, stressed that the Yuen Long Police had “had done their best to deal with the incident" on the same day. It also said that “we understand that the police’s actions on the day and the outcome of the incident may be in line with the expectations of the public. There are “rare gaps". From the words “Best Effort" and “Less Lean", it can be seen that the police have no sincerity to investigate and review. The public’s renewed confidence in the Police Force will only deepen the feeling of “collusion".

At the same time, the police rarely issued a “Notice of Objection" to the “Recovery of Yuen Long" parade on Saturday (27th). Zeng Zhengke warned that all the citizens who were still marching out at the time were all guilty of breaking the law; nevertheless, under the anger of the people, no The few people insist that they will continue to step into the Yuen Long fight in their own way. According to conservative estimates, at least tens of thousands of people, the police must be arrested or dispelled by this large number of “breakers". What’s more, in addition to the contradiction between the police and the protesters, there may be conflicts between the local forces and the protesters in Yuen Long, and they may have been in conflict with the six countries or even suffered serious casualties.

Yu Weiwen is sitting right, afraid to take over the mess

The saddest thing is that in the face of the rising crisis in Hong Kong, the country and the world are highly worried. The Chief Executive, Lin Zhengyue, as the most powerful and resourceful person in the SAR, seems to have no intention of making any rescue efforts. The end of the world is coming. It seems that the status of Hong Kong’s international financial centre is becoming more and more dangerous. Yu Weiwen was promoted to the head of the HKMA in October and may take over a mess. There is no need for “the rest of the life" after the robbery.

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