The first batch of Yulin’s price was 31,200 yuan

The first batch of Yulin’s price was 31,200 yuan.

There is less housing supply in the urban area, and the developer’s selling price is not soft. Fushun International (00627) is the first residential project in Hong Kong. The new building in Ho Man Tin is now the first 30-member price list. The price is priced at an advanced price. The average price of the discount is 31,271 yuan. In the new world (00017), in April this year, the average price of the first price of the same district was released by 28.6%, and the entry fee was 7.41 million yuan. The sale will be released as soon as next week.

7.41 million admissions are expected to be released next week

Yulin’s first 30-person price list, with a usable area of ​​260 to 419 square meters, is priced at 7.789 million to 17.465 million yuan, with an average price of 33,715 yuan; the developer offers a maximum discount of 7.25%, and the average price is 31,271 yuan. The average discount price of the first batch of Fuhua, which was sold in April, was 24,308 yuan, which was 28.6% higher. In the same district, the same type of existing building project, Hengduo, which is owned by Hengdi (00012), sold for 10 people in the past 2 months. The price was about 27,400 yuan, and the first batch of Yulin was 14.1% higher. Yulin’s price is absolutely high. This year’s Kowloon City sells a new order. The project’s admission fee is 7.41 million yuan. It is the second floor E room, with a saleable area of ​​260 square feet and a price of 28,500 yuan.

Zhang Nan, Investment Director of Foxit International Holdings Group, said that the first batch of projects was launched at a happy price and the price was conservative. It mainly gave the market a surprise. The price reflected the quality and confidence in the sales. The project will immediately collect the ticket and will be released as soon as next week. The first price list will be about 360 million yuan.

In fact, the project is selling at a high price, mainly because the “commodity price" is not low. In March last year, Foxit International purchased the project from Yongyi International (01218) for 920 million yuan. The total floor area is about 32,800 square meters, and the cost per square is about 28,000 yuan. Located in No. 6 La Salle Road, Yulin offers 79 groups, with a total area of ​​260 to 419 square meters and 1 bedroom, with a duplex unit on the top floor and a practical area of ​​3,949 square feet.