First-hand cargo, 12.23 million people hit an eight-month high

the launch of several large new discs and the continuous push of the month continued, which caused the overall cargo to rise for another four months

Q Fangwang Hong Kong According to the statistics of the first-hand residential property sales information network and the Buildings Department, as of the 22nd of this month, the total number of first-hand cargoes exceeded 12,000 to 12.3 million, an increase of nearly 8% from the end of last month, an eight-month high. The cargo tail ratio further rose to 12.7%.

According to Chen Kunxing, managing director of Q Fangwang Hong Kong, as of October 22, the total number of first-hand cargo has increased to 12,310, a significant increase of 7.7% from the 11,434 at the end of last month, and has risen since February this year

The overall eight-month high level, the overall cargo-to-tail ratio has further rebounded to 12.7%. Most of the new sales based on the recent sales are in the uncompleted property, so that the overall existing cargo tails will remain at the level of 4,652 gangs last month. A one-year low since the month. As the property market continues to consolidate, the buyer’s mentality naturally becomes a wait-and-see attitude. With the vacancy of the vacant tax, the developer is clearly speeding up the pace of the launch. I believe that the overall cargo tail will still rise slightly in the future. The developer’s pricing strategy also needs to be prudent. Maintain a reasonable price strategy to promote the tail of the goods.

Affected by a series of unstable social situations, and a new policy address to relax the upper limit of 90% mortgage insurance, some of the purchasing power has returned to the second-hand market

As of the 22nd of this month, the new sales volume was only 517, although There will still be large-scale new sales in the coming week, but I believe that the overall first-hand sales this month will remain at the level of 1,000 to 1200.

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