The name of the “Dragon Bed" is more than 13,000 votes. After the “First-hand Residential Property Sales Regulations

The name of the “Dragon Bed" is more than 13,000 votes. After the “First-hand Residential Property Sales Regulations" (hereinafter referred to as the first-hand new case), the trend of the single-board ticket king was carried out yesterday (14th). A total of 344 rounds of sales, and ultimately live up to expectations, sold 339 people on the same day, with a sales volume of 98.5% and a cash-out of over $1 billion. Among them, the first-hand new case was fined in Hong Kong, and the practical area was only 128 square feet. Just two hours after the sale, the former Hong Kong sister Champion Mai Mingshi also appeared in the sales office yesterday. The city and the family bought 3 groups to add star flavor to the real estate.

Received 13250 votes, over 1 billion

Jingjing yesterday selected the building at the sales office of “Yue Pin Hotel. Tuen Mun" in Tuen Mun District. The Group’s internal subscription process was first conducted at 9 am. The short-lived people appeared on the scene and the S Group recorded a total of more than 50 projects. After the sale of 21 groups, the Group B public offering process was launched. The big owner Jiayuan International (02768) and the senior investor Deng Chengbo’s family, Shengyu Group, sold the building for the first time in Hong Kong. The project finally achieved a high ticket volume of 13,250 votes. The developers arranged the buyers to arrive at the time and there was no crowd. Inciting the scene, the overall order is good.

The property has a 128-square-foot open-plan unit with a saleable area. It is a new case and a new unit in Hong Kong. It is called the “Dragon Bed Unit" and has an ideal response. The spokesman said that the first two hours of the sale yesterday, the unit has been the first to clear.

When the internal subscription process was conducted yesterday morning, the market had already heard that Hong Kong sister Champion Mai Mingshi was also present in 2015. After the in-app purchase process was selected, the team moved to Group B. According to market news, Mai Mingshi and his family bought 3 groups, including 2 open-plan units with 134 square meters of usable area. Mai Mingshi left the sales office at 2 pm and told the media with his parents. “It is difficult to get on the train in Hong Kong. I will continue to work hard step by step. I will help my brother to buy the unit and my brother works in Tuen Mun Hospital. Help my brother stay in Panyu."

Mr. Mai, who is engaged in the decoration industry and is at the boss level, said that Jingjing had renovated some of the units before the sale. At that time, he felt that “the unit was bought by the singer!” but it was finally subscribed and opened. The unit is the target, but after the lottery, the previous fundraising number is obtained. Considering the self-occupation factor, and the supply of the project 2 households is less, the company finally purchases the low-rise 2 bedroom units for rent and rent for 5.16 million yuan.

Jingjing spokesperson pointed out at night that the real estate had a total of 339 gangs in a single day yesterday, with only 5 gangs and 2 households, and the cash is over 1 billion yuan. The project achieved near-clearing results, together with the first round of sales and sales of 341 groups, with satisfactory results.

70% of young buyers, investors account for half

Located in the existing building of No. 2 Qingmian Trail, Jingjing offers 356 gangs with a usable area of ​​128 to 794 square meters. The project was developed by Junhe Group and Yizhao Xingye. Deng Chengbo purchased the whole building in July 2017 for 1.2 billion yuan. In the year of 2018, Jiayuan International purchased from Deng Chengbo one of the three properties, including Jingjing, about 70% of the property, and the price was about 2.6 billion yuan.

Bu Shaoming, chief executive officer of Midland’s residential department, said that about 70% of buyers yesterday were young buyers after 80s and 90s, half of them were “fathers", and investors accounted for about half; It is expected that the project will be rented for 45 to 50 yuan and the return will have a chance of more than 3%. Fang Qiming, a senior business director of Zhongyuan, believes that the purchasing power of the market is sufficient. I believe that the purchasing power will be gradually released after the sale, and it is expected that the turnover will reach 2,500 this month.