Haishuhui’s first record untied transaction Open account 5.7 million

Although the social haze is unknown, the market has recorded more transactions for the sale of Pinsong

In the Tseung Kwan O, the first SSD was loosened and the unit was a saleable area of ​​297 square feet. The unit, the transaction price of 5.7 million yuan, the original business hosted just three years, the book earned 2.16 million yuan or more than 60%.

Li Qine branch manager Jin Qin said that the above-mentioned Haishuhui 6 high-rise E room, practical 297 square feet, open interval, the original owner called the price of 6 million to sell, with 5.7 million yuan change hands, price reduction of 300,000 yuan or 5%, 19,192 yuan; the original owner purchased in September 2016 for 3.54 million yuan, holding goods for 3 years, and the book profit was 2.16 million yuan or 61%.

Yi Yiyifang 4.45 million 3 years rose 25% Li Jiage Branch Manager Li Jianwei said that Fanling was used in the low-rise E room of Block 2, with a usable area of ​​294 square 1 household, with a price of 4.45 million yuan, actually 15,136 Yuan; the original owner purchased in June 2016 for 3.56 million yuan, and the profit for holding the goods for 3 years was 890,000 yuan, and the property appreciation was 25%.

According to another agent, the second floor of Room C of the 2nd Block of Yuen Long Shizhou

with a saleable area of ​​429 square feet and two rooms, was recently sold for 6.36 million yuan, which was about 14,825 yuan, which was 140,000 yuan or about 2% lower than the asking price of 6.5 million yuan. The original owner bought the upper site for 50.07 million yuan in February 2016. The stock has been sold for 3 years. The SSD is loosened and sold. The book profit is about 1.353 million yuan and the property appreciation is 27%.

At the same time, subsidized housing was sold at a high price. Room 21, Middle Floor, Po Ning Building, Po Lam Estate, Tseung Kwan O, with a saleable area of ​​698 sq ft, was recently sold for $4.3 million (not replenished land price). The new high is priced at 6,160 yuan.

Baolin Village did not pay a premium of 4.3 million baht

The new high-level district manager of the Central Plains, Zhang Jianye, said that the section of the D-street of the No. 1 section of the Fairview Park in Yuen Long, the utility of the 915 square baht, the price of the silver main plate was 11.5 million yuan. The price of 9.8 million yuan was reduced, that is, the price was reduced by 1.7 million yuan or 15%, and the actual price was 10,710 yuan. The original owner purchased it for 1.6 million yuan in 1991, and the property value has increased by 5 times in 28 years.

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