The emperor’s first silver medal is the first to be sold

negative news in the property market continued, the number of silver mains rebounded, the first half of the luxury mansion in the Western Mid-Levels, the main bank of silver, the owner bought three years has been cut off, the silver is now available for 47 million yuan

In the downturn of the property market, in recent years, the new disk with a high number of mortgages has begun to appear out of supply, and eventually the main goods. It is reported that Hengdi (00012), which was launched three years ago, has introduced 95% of the property price. The project has just recorded the first silver master, the unit is the high-rise room C, the practical 1179 square, the owner bought in May 2016 with about 30.42 million yuan, and the developer financial institution provided a press, but the previous supply was Repossessing the building, the silver owner is now selling for 47 million yuan, the intention to sell the price of 39,000 yuan, 50% higher than the purchase price.

The second procedure records low price transactions. Wu Jinji, the director of Zhongyuan Senior Division, said that the high-rise F room of the 1st seat of Junaowan, the practical 457 square is a two-bedroom unit, enjoying less sea view

The original owner was an investor. Last month, it was released at a price of 8.5 million yuan. A total of 17% was reduced to 7.08 million yuan. This is the new low price for similar units this year, which is 15,492 yuan. In August of this year, the high-rise F room of the 3rd floor of the same housing estate, the practical 456 square, costing 8.05 million yuan, meaning that the cost of similar goods fell 12%.

Hong Kong’s silver main season increased by 14% to 80 centuries 21 Measurement Bank director Cai Hanjun said that at present, there are nearly 80 silver main banks in Hong Kong, less than 70 in June this year, and an increase of about 14% in just three months

If social events continue, it is expected that the number of silver masters in the first quarter of next year will exceed 100, an increase of 25% over the current period.

Although the number of silver masters has increased, the prospective buyers have a strong wait-and-see attitude. Recently, the silver main trading volume was quiet. There were only 2 transactions last month, which was 90% lower than the June high. No transactions have been recorded so far this month.

Zhong Qin, deputy regional business manager of Zhongyuan, said that the first floor of Room A of GRAND YOHO Phase 1 of Yuen Long, the practical 498 square, has just been reduced to 7.75 million yuan, which is 15562 yuan, which is the lowest price of the housing estate 2 this year. The original business hosted the goods for just 3 years, and the book profit was 20%.

The price of the Tsing Yi Peninsula in Tsing Yi also fell. Peng Jintian, the chief joint marketing director of Lijiage, revealed that the middle floor of Room F of Yingcui Peninsula is a practical 523 square squad. It is a two-bedroom household. Looking at the sports scene, the price reduction of about 900,000 has just changed hands with 9.1 million yuan, and it is actually 17,400 yuan. Looking up the record, similar units changed hands in May of this year with 9.74 million yuan, meaning that in just 4 months, the property price dropped about 7%.

The news pointed out that there are 7 high-rise E rooms in Fanling, and the practical 386 squares, two rooms are separated, and the price is reduced by 400,000 yuan to 5 million yuan. It is a new low price for the housing estate for half a year, and it is 12953 yuan. The value is 6.43 million yuan and 22%.

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