Free of charge for big house change house, freeing up unit for help transfer

To speed up the flow of housing, the HKHS has announced the launch of the “Elderly Owners Building for Housing Pilot Scheme" to allow elderly owners and registered tenants aged 60 or above who have ten years of ownership to enjoy land premiums in the HOS Secondary Market

There is no time limit for the sale of the “big house for a small house". The application will be accepted from the 14th of next month. It is estimated that 1,310 units will be eligible.

The Chief Executive, Mrs Carrie Lam, proposed in the policy address last year that the Housing Authority will pilot the “Elderly Owners Building for Housing Pilot Scheme" to enable the elderly owners of the uncompleted HOS flats to “renovate the flats". The HS announced the details yesterday to allow owners and registered family members who have a tenement of the “Residential Selling Scheme" for at least 10 years and 60 years of age to purchase land in the HOS Secondary Market. Purchase of units with a small usable area, there is no time limit for the sale and repurchase units.

The Chief Executive of the Housing Society, Mr Wong Kai-lung, said that the scheme involves 11 estates, including Phase I and Phase II of Healthy Estate, Ka Wai Estate, Kai Tak Estate, etc.

There are about 8,800 non-land premium flats, and there are 1,310 eligible flats. There are more than 600 groups and more than 500 people in the room and three rooms, and the number of households is 1 to 3. He estimates that there are two types of elderly people who are more inclined to “big houses for small houses", including those who want to cash out a piece of money to improve their retirement and those who wish to change their living and live close to their families. Huang believes that the plan will not affect second-hand property prices, emphasizing that non-encouraging owners to sell flats, but providing one more option will be reviewed after one year.

Anderson will build 1400 teams and will be completed in 2025

In addition to applying for the “Available for Sale" in accordance with the current secondary market requirements, the eligible owners should apply to the HKHS for a “transaction permit" before the sale of the flat. The application fee is $250 and it takes about one month to prove the owner. qualifications. After the sale of the original unit and the signing of the deed of assignment, the applicant may apply to the HS or the Housing Authority for a “Certificate of Purchasing" to purchase a new flat. After the purchase of a new flat and the signing of a provisional sale and purchase agreement, the solicitor must The Committee has applied for a nomination letter and attached the information on the original property obtained by the Department of Assessment to the HS to prove that it is a “big house for a small flat".

The Government has allocated five sites in Kai Tak and Anderson Road to the Housing Society. Huang Jielong said that it involved 6,680 people. The first fastest-in-coming project was located in Andachen, with a total of 1,400. It is expected to be completed in 2025.

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