The full price of the Yunxian Commercial Center is more than 100 million

DTZ is represented on the 22nd floor of Yunxian Commercial Center, No. 44 Yunxian Street, Hong Kong

The building area is 3,480 square feet, the intent price is 108 million yuan, and the price is about 32,000 yuan. .

Central Commercial Building is active

Luo Meilan, executive director of the Hong Kong Capital Markets Department of DTZ, said that the Yunxian Commercial Center is a 30-storey Grade B commercial building completed in 1992. The property is underground for shops, while the first to fifth floors provide a total of 25 parking spaces. Roche refers to the sale of the unit at the top, the landscape is open, with a 3.5-meter high floor, full of space. In the Yunxian Commercial Center, the last transaction was in April 2018, and the middle-level unit was sold at 91.46 million yuan. The price was about 26,000 yuan.

In terms of recent transactions, Roche said that the commercial shopping malls in Central are extremely active

For example, Capital Strategic Real Estate (497) has previously demolished some Lee Street Buildings projects and Zhongjing Commercial Building; Yingda Real Estate (432) is also preparing to take its own profits. Sites 3 to 6 were rebuilt into a 27-storey office building. In recent years, Wing Tai Properties (369) and Capital Strategic Properties won the C Building of the URA at the junction of Graham Street, Kwai Chi Street and Ko Lam Street for about $11.6 billion in 2017. Including hotels and offices, the land price per floor is about 26,800 yuan.

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