The gambling king II is 57.98 million rose new village

The gambling king II is 57.98 million rose new village

The property market has regained its high position, and celebrities have taken advantage of the profits. The singer Wang Honghong, two Tailan Lanqiong, held the high-rise unit of the Eastern Mid-Levels Rose Village in the past half century. The price was reduced by about 3.4% to 57.98 million yuan, and the book profit was about 321 times.

Earn 321 times in 48 years

According to the agency news, there are 2 high-rise rooms in Block B of Rose New Village, with a saleable area of ​​2090 square meters. The original plan is 3 rooms spaced. Lan Qiongyi sold for 60 months with about 60 million yuan. During the period, it has been lost for a period of time. The price reduction was 2.02 million yuan (about 3.4%), with a change of 57.98 million yuan, and the price was 27,742 yuan.

According to the Land Registry, Lan Qiongyi spent $180,000 on personal purchases in 1971. He earned 57.8 million yuan (about 321 times) in about 48 years. According to HSBC’s online valuation system, the site is now valued at 57.54 million yuan, which means that the price of Lanqiong is slightly higher than the amount of 440,000 yuan (about 0.8%).

Weijingyuan made 17,800 broken roofs

In addition, the boarding car park has broken through the peak this year. It is close to the main urban estates of the MTR Sha Tin Station (Sha Tin Centre, Wai Wah Centre, Good Luck Centre, Hilton Centre, New Town Plaza, Sha Tin Plaza and Wai King Estate). Half of the estates have set a new high in historical prices this year. The latest one is Weijing Garden. Midland Real Estate Assistant Co-Director Chen Guoliang said that two high-rise G-room two-bedroom households, with a usable area of ​​369 square meters, had just sold for 6.58 million yuan, with a price of 17832 yuan, which recorded a high price of 17,678 yuan in June this year. Push up about 0.9%. The original owner entered the market with 1.66 million yuan in 2000, and the book profit was 4.92 million yuan (about 3 times). In the year-to-date seven major housing estates in the city center, five have broken through the historical peaks, and only the Hilton Center and Shatin Center have not yet broken.

In the same district, another boarding house, Sha Tin City, the price of the two-bedroom unit has gradually stabilized at 20,000 yuan. Among the 9 transactions recorded in the estate this month, the transaction price of two 280-square-foot and two-bedroom units with a saleable area of ​​more than 20,000 yuan, such as 50 top-floor A-room two-bedroom households, with a usable area of ​​284 square feet, With 279 Fangfang Tiantai, the joint regional manager of Midland Real Estate, Weng Kaijie, said that it was about 6.2 million yuan for about two days, and yesterday it was 5.88 million yuan, and the price was 20,704 yuan. The original owner invested 3.51 million yuan in the market in 2013, and the book value increased by 2.368 million yuan (about 67.4%). According to the information, Wu Guanliu also held the site in the early years and bought it for 1.32 million yuan in 2005.

Tsing Yi second-line home ownership relay broke, the Central Plains real estate business manager Chen Huilin said that Haiyue Garden 2 low-rise E room, the practical area of ​​590 square feet, the original plan is 3 rooms, the price of 7.6 million yuan for about 10 days, yesterday has been The land price of 7.48 million yuan changed hands. The property price is a new high for the housing estate. The price is 12,678 yuan. In 1999, the original owner entered the market with a land premium of 1.938 million yuan, earning 5.542 million yuan (about 2.9 times).