Garton family 245 million  Altadena

Altadena on the top of the mountain broke the situation that no transactions were recorded for many years

The descendants of the Jiadun Co., Ltd. family or related persons who specialize in the bread biscuit business just took out the detached household of Altadena, No. 27, Baijiadao on the top of the mountain for 245 million yuan, which was the first transaction in the three-year period of the hilltop mansion.

Altadena C, a low-rise unit with a saleable area of ​​4,073 square feet. According to the Land Registry, last month it was sold at a parking space of 245 million yuan

The practical price was 60,000 yuan. The newly registered buyer was Hao Yuming and the owner of “Longteng Star". The same name, it is expected to be the same person. The original owner was held by Tianfu Real Estate Co., Ltd. in 1996. The company’s directors include Zhang Yongzhao, Zhang Zhengzheng, Zhang Liren and Zhang Shangyu, who are descendants of the Jiadun family.

The peak of luxury shopping in the last season fell sharply

Jiadun bread has been established in Hong Kong for 93 years. It is a food company that accompanied Hong Kong people. The late founder Zhang Zifang is known as the “Bread King". He has four sons and four women, many descendants of the family, and the eldest son Zhang Shangyu inherits the bread. Business, the second son is abandoning business from a doctor to do a cardiologist, wife is a jewelry designer Wang Youlun.

In addition, Savills released its third-quarter residential sales research report that despite the recent social turmoil and deteriorating economic conditions, the overall residential market has been overshadowed, but due to the first-hand sales in the first eight months of this year, ordinary residential transactions The amount is still high. The vacancy tax implemented later this year will speed up the development of backlogs and new projects by developers and maintain the market momentum until the end of the year.

As for the local rich to avoid buying conspicuous assets, there is very little super-luxury transactions. In the third quarter of the Peak and Southern District, only 8 transactions were recorded in the third quarter, a drop of 68% from 25 in the previous quarter.

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